Join 100+ creators in a 12-week growth experiment

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Real community, built together in real-time.

Imagine having access to a secret club where everyone is working towards the same goal: turning online audiences into genuine communities that trust, advocate, and invest in you.

A community-driven crash course for creators looking to launch, grow, and monetize online

Part learning experience, part creative collective, this one-of-a-kind cohort is a journey of discovery as we grow a creative community together in 12 weeks. Learn the secrets of audience building, access free course materials, and maximize your digital leverage with new tools in AI and web3.


Weekly Workshops

Collab Sessions

Live AMAs

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Level up your creator skills while growing your fanbase

Each week, we'll host workshops, Twitter Spaces, spotlights, fun challenges, and more – all with the goal of supporting each other on a journey to grow.

Grow your digital entrepreneur skill set

When you join, you’ll get access to tons of free valuable resources, live workshops, and support through the community in Discord.

Broaden Your Connections

Link up with other like-minded creators who understand the challenges of scaling a small business. Tune in for special guest speakers and workshops, plus live AMAs with creators. 

Be part of a unique community experience

Take part in the biggest community experiment ever hosted by The Sauce, a collective of award-winning creatives who like to learn, share, and build together.

A broad mix of backgrounds – all building online together.

Our cohort is led by a diverse group of pros who are actively building their own brands. From content creators and influencers to freelancers and online business owners, there's a wealth of knowledge to go around. Learn from their successes and challenges through members spotlights, Twitter Spaces sessions, technical workshops, and live events in Discord.

Learn from featured speakers like...

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  • Learn The Secrets & Tactics for Community Building
  • Tap Into a Friendly & Supportive Network
  • Get Access to the Discord Community
  • Participate in Weekly Twitter Spaces
  • Attend Virtual Meetups
  • Free Weekly Workshops & Courses
  • Get Feedback On Your Work & Share Advice
  • Get Exclusive Discord Roles
  • Find Collab Opportunities
  • Join Fun Creative Challenges
  • Access Free Materials & Resources
  • Spotlight Fellow Creators

Community Features

About The Sauce

Concepted by Food Fight Studios, an award-winning content studio, The Sauce is future-driven collective for content creators, influencers, freelancers, and online business owners. Be part of the early stages of this community while learning the tips, tools, and tactics for growing yours.