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meta logo graphic

Meta updates: New reactions on Messenger, plans to scoop up Twitter users

Meta is out with a new Messenger feature that enables users to set quick reactions in chats to an avatar instead of an emoji.

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ChatGPT: What creators & marketers need to know about the new AI writing tool

ChatGPT’s interactive dialogue format makes it easy and possible for it to answer questions, write copy, and help marketers in a ton of ways.

Instagram updates graphic

Is Instagram dead? 

It’s no secret that Instagram has made it difficult for content creators to get their work seen — reducing engagement, pumping up ads, leaving accounts with stale followers, and ultimately killing off user excitement. But why is this happening?

Lensa AI Image Generation App

Where are all these AI generated selfies coming from?

It seems like everyone has jumped onto the AI-created portrait bandwagon. Here’s what it’s all about.

Twitter updates news logo graphic screenshots

Twitter news & updates: December 2022 [Running List]

A weekly updated log on the latest headlines about Twitter – and why it matters for content creators.

tapsaxme_a_futuristic_laboratory_steampunk_technology_digital_a_66068f6b-b022-4ec8-8bf9-a3a45ead1cf9 copy

Ultimate guide to creating and animating AI images with MidJourney

In this guide with videos, I break down AI image generation and outline my step-by-step process for using the tool MidJourney – and ultimately how I turn those images into imaginative animated assets.

The SAUCE - Thumbnails 2022 (41)

Native scheduling comes to Linkedin

Finally – a way to schedule posts on LinkedIn natively within the app or browser. Here’s how.


BeReal’s marketing model relies on ambassadors – and it’s genius 

With 10M users and an appealing (paid) ambassador program, BeReal is hitting its stride with a focus on human connections and authenticity.

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Twitter alternatives to explore for your content strategy – Substack, Hive

Hive and Substack have some similar features to Twitter, yet key differences that could enhance content strategies for digital creators.

Meta Cicero

Meta’s new AI – CICERO – wants to solve complex problems

CICERO is the first AI agent to gameplay at a human-level performance with require strategic reasoning and natural language processing.