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Blue: The color of clout on social media platforms?

By Anna Klawitter | 02-28-2023

Tumblr joined the Blue verification trend, mocking Twitter’s and Meta’s paid subscriptions by offering “Important Blue Internet Checkmarks” for a one-time fee and generated a 125 percent boost in iOS in-app revenue.

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Twitter Updates: Challenges, platform changes and ‘features’ in 2023 (so far)

By Anna Klawitter | 02-23-2023

Twitter considers TweetDeck becoming a paid feature while Musk hopes to turn Twitter into a payments platform, and other updates.

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TikTok Updates: In-app shopping, beta testing search ads

By Anna Klawitter | 02-22-2023

TikTok is beta testing search ads within its app and introducing a new Refresh feature that lets users reset their For You page when it starts getting dull.

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