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Meta’s new AI – CICERO – wants to solve complex problems

By Anna Klawitter | 11-29-2022

CICERO is the first AI agent to gameplay at a human-level performance with require strategic reasoning and natural language processing.

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Search tips to level up your Google search game

By Anna Klawitter | 11-29-2022

Ever find yourself scrolling through Google search pages and STILL not landing on what you’re looking for? Maybe you’re searching the wrong way. Save some time with these tips. Site – Site allows you to search a website for exact keywords. For example to search Instagram on New York times. Google “Instagram Site:”  Quotation Marks – Use…

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Meta drama: Bribery, layoffs, and TikTok taps in

By Anna Klawitter | 11-23-2022

Meta is laying off thousands – and TikTok is scooping up a share of the talent.

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