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Search tips to level up your Google search game

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Ever find yourself scrolling through Google search pages and STILL not landing on what you’re looking for? Maybe you’re doing your Google search the wrong way. Save some time with these tips.

Site – Site allows you to search a website for exact keywords. For example to search Instagram on New York times. Google “Instagram Site:” 

Quotation Marks – Use quotation marks around the exact phrase you want. Google search will return only the same words in the same order as in the quotation marks.

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Ellipses –  This will return searches in a number range. For example, Social Media Books $20..$50

Hyphen – A hyphen will exclude that word from your search e.g. “Videos -TikTok” will exclude any TikTok related options from your search

OR – Use “or” to perform two search queries at the same time. For example, you can search “Twitter OR Instagram OR Facebook” to return searches within those pages.

After or Before – After will return results from your keywords after a certain date. For example, copywriting after: 2020 will only return articles after that 2020. Before will do the same, just articles from before the date you input.

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