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creator economy social media graphic

How big is the creator economy?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be diving into the creator economy and shedding light on questions like: How can a content creators start to monetize? Which apps are the easiest and quickest to grow on? And how do brand collabs happen?


The Rise of AI Image Generation: What It Is & How Content Creators Can Use It

With AI image generation, machine learning algorithms and AI models are used to produce high quality and vibrant images based on textual input. And yes, it’s as strange and as futuristic as it sounds.

Women Paving The Path for Women in Meta

This week on The SAUCE: A weekly digest for digital entrepreneurs, creators, and social-first brands.

Happy Women’s Month! In celebration, here’s to the legends, pioneers, and all the women who push past their limits and make waves.

From Ad Agencies to Animations

I began in ad agencies, but after joining Food Fight Studios, an award-winning animation studio, I realized I could create so much more.

From Crisis to Creative: Essential Lessons Learned

You’ve heard it before and you may know it firsthand, 2020 wasn’t an easy year for some. Businesses were being disrupted in ways no one could’ve predicted and people, especially creatives, were forced out of their comfort zones to think of work and life in new ways.