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Following news & trends can inspire content creators to think differently about their content to stay fresh and relevant. The Sauce keeps an eye on the latest news and trends to uncover new technology that can help creators find inspiration for new content.

Meta Cicero

Meta’s new AI – CICERO – wants to solve complex problems

CICERO is the first AI agent to gameplay at a human-level performance with require strategic reasoning and natural language processing.

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Meta drama: Bribery, layoffs, and TikTok taps in

Meta is laying off thousands – and TikTok is scooping up a share of the talent.

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Instagram updates to know about: DM updates, new interest categories

Instagram is out with a few new features that could give your discovery a boost.

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The beloved Boomerang: A generational culture gap

Recently, a TikTok creator had a message for Millennials: “Please, please stop using Boomerang in your Instagram Stories.”

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WTF is a superapp?

A superapp is a one-stop platform with mobile integrations that provide convenient digital access for all the typical needs of daily life.

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TikTok growth prompts record labels to press for more money

As TikTok grows, record labels want a bigger slice of the pie. Could TikTok fly solo without them?

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Twitter verification: The pause, unpause, uncertainty

The paid Twitter verification created a slew of impersonations so the “official” gray badges emerged. Can Twitter dig out of the mess?

WTF is BeReal?

Is authenticity boring? What the BeReal content mix has taught us

The strategic challenge for BeReal is to distance itself from the value prop of Instagram and TikTok, but find a way to monetize the app.

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A new app competing for ex-Twitter users?

In the week after Elon Musk took over Twitter, the number of people signing up for a small social network called Mastodon has surged.

The SAUCE - Thumbnails 2022 (31)

The sleepy chicken TikTok challenge was weird

The viral TikTok dubbed “sleepy chicken” was never actually a thing, but its viral moment prompted a national response.