Taylor Peterson

Self proclaimed digital gossip girl, Taylor is a creative Swiss army knife with a pocket full of tips, tricks, and knowledge for thriving in the digital world. She's been a marketing director, a "creative" whatever, a tech journalist, a web designer, brand strategist, content creator, and more. Nothing has been as rewarding as being a digital entrepreneur.

Currently: Exploring web3.

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4 Easy Ways to Animate MidJourney Images (V5.2 – September 2023)

A few simple ways to create beautiful MidJourney animations from your generated images.

MidJourney Update V5 Announcement

MidJourney V5 Update: What To Know

The MidJourney V5 update is revolutionizing the AI image generation landscape with its powerful photorealism, opening up a world of creative possibilities for content creators and digital marketers. With the ability to generate stunning, realistic images – from Polaroids of fictional characters to captivating video backgrounds – V5 has become the talk of the town.

Instagram updates graphic

Is Instagram dead? 

It’s no secret that Instagram has made it difficult for content creators to get their work seen — reducing engagement, pumping up ads, leaving accounts with stale followers, and ultimately killing off user excitement. But why is this happening?

Boomerang video graphic

The beloved Boomerang: A generational culture gap

Recently, a TikTok creator had a message for Millennials: “Please, please stop using Boomerang in your Instagram Stories.”

Canva guide graphic

Beginner’s guide to designing in Canva

Creatives short on time can get started with Canva using this guide to create images, simple animations and build brand kits. It’s easy. *Not sponsored

the Sauce logo

WTF is The Sauce? Announcing a new knowledge hub for creators and digital entrepreneurs

This week, we’re rolling out a new website experience for The Sauce as well as a new premium content hub – The Sauce+. 


The Rise of AI Image Generation: What It Is & How Content Creators Can Use It

With AI image generation, machine learning algorithms and AI models are used to produce high quality and vibrant images based on textual input. And yes, it’s as strange and as futuristic as it sounds.

The LAB - DMP - Digital Media Playbook Graphics 2022 (2)

Introducing The Digital Media Playbook 2022

We’re finally ready to release the Digital Media Playbook – a comprehensive guide for digital content strategy success. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a start-up (think small teams with big dreams), the guide aims to give you a high-level view of the digital landscape and show you the best practices for each major platform. 

07-26022- The SAUCE - Thumbnails 2022

R-Rated Content on TikTok?? & The Most Tweeted Emojis Worldwide

This week on The SAUCE: A weekly digest for digital entrepreneurs, creators, and social-first brands.

Tiktok is launching a content ratings system and wtf is dalle-3?


Going Live on Instagram Just Got Way Easier

This week on The SAUCE: A weekly digest for digital entrepreneurs, creators, and social-first brands.

Instagram finally gives us a way to livestream with third-party software & Twitter tests cotweets