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From Crisis to Creative: Essential Lessons Learned

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You’ve heard it before and you may know it firsthand,

 2020 wasn’t an easy year for many businesses. There were disruptions in ways no one could’ve predicted and people, especially creatives, were forced to think of work and life in new ways.

Live-action productions were being put on hold while documentaries still had gaps in footage. Musicians had singles to release but no way to shoot the music video. Professional speakers had a new challenge to overcome: Zoom fatigue.

The good news (for us): Animation is the perfect solution for these challenges. With in-person events closed indefinitely, Food Fight Studios was flooded with work that needed to be reimagined. We were at the top of our game creating award-winning content for influencers, actors, filmmakers, and beyond. 

The bad news (for us): our rapid success exposed holes in the operational side of our studio, which almost flatlined our business.

From Animation to All-In Content Production Solutions

Food Fight Studios was founded with a hunger for creating unconventional content that connects: from our inception, we’ve taken serious pride in being “the little animation studio behind some of the biggest names in the business.”

But as opportunities for Food Fight got bigger and all of our energy was focused on creating, we realized we were in deep waters both operationally and with how to position our growing offerings to our audience.

We needed help!

We needed to expand our workforce and improve our operations and productive process. Not only that but our visuals needed to clearly represent our growth and offerings.

We needed something, or rather someone, to not only help us survive but accelerate against all odds. We decided if we brought in the leadership, processes, and team, it would allow Food Fight Studios, as well as our client relationships, to thrive. So we put out to the universe that we needed someone to get our operations straight or we’d go out of business at a time when we should be next-level badasses.

Calling All SuperHeroes

Enter Sharon Joseph.

Owner, Jon Briggs, put out the superhero signal to support all things creative operations leadership, and Sharon was highly recommended to us by a mutual friend.  She came from worldwide content production studios managing photo, video, graphics, post-production, and digital experience teams to service huge clients like Under Armour, Clinique, Hilton Worldwide, and Petco.

Enter Sharon Joseph

She joined Food Fight Studios originally as a consultant to organize and revamp our creative operations and brand positioning. The visual consistency she gave us was just what we needed to take Food Fight Studios to the next level. Little did we know that Food Fight Studios would only be one of the first of the clients that she reimagined.

Sharon quickly became an essential (and full-time) leader with her expertise and squad of creative directors, designers, and writers, we saw the opportunity to build a whole new offering.

And thus, out of an innovative spirit, The Lab was born. The ability to create award-winning-strategic-unconventional-impactful content.

The Lab By Food Fight Studios

The Lab – A Creative Solution

Every idea starts with a unique challenge. Ours was simple: we wanted to help our network of personal and professional brands strategically beyond animated content. Sharon saw this opportunity on day one.

Now with The Lab’s influence on Food Fight Studios, we’ve expanded our capabilities behind the scenes. Our sweet spot has always been creating short-form animation for podcasters, speakers, authors, directors, musicians, and influencers, but we wanted more. More for ourselves as well as for our partners in stand-out content productions.

So the award-winning animation team joined forces with a team of digital graphics pros to create the full collaborative solution and deliver an all-encompassing visual impact. This allowed us to bridge the gaps we knew many of our relationships were dealing with and create much more on a larger scale.

For the past year, we’ve been in the lab experimenting with ideas, different types of content, and creative execution on ourselves and our partners. We’ve been the secret weapon behind-the-scenes producing wonderful work for established and up-and-coming brands alike.

Meet Your New Creative Team

It’s been a recurring experiment with our client relationships that have varying degrees of awareness to either establish a position, get cohesive branding, produce ongoing content, or just get their business on the right track.

The lab is your all-in team of creatives who produce and execute your vision, strategically. We are the strategy and implementation nucleus of Food Fight Studios, the immersive team that cares the most about your goals and continuously delivers fast, frictionless, and award-winning experiences. We’re creative scientists who’ll research and bring the big idea to life, and we get the job done no matter what.

We build strong brands. We solve the pain points behind not having a fully defined vision. We don’t just position brands and personalities to grab people’s attention, we construct a memorable, attention-holding presence.The Lab exists to help make visual hopes and dreams come true.

#Thriving in a Creative Crisis

Now, not only have we survived the growing pains from our influx of creative productions, but we have additional revenue streams and ways to create unconventional content and beyond.

Got a big idea and need help setting it in motion? The Lab is your all-in creative team to make it happen.