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Announcing The Battle Bunnies NFT ‘Series 1’ mint: Fun Without the FOMO

It’s launch day for Series 1! We are excited for The Battle Bunnies community as we continue our quest together to become the premier IP franchise in the NFT space! If you’ve been part of the community for a while now, you know we like to do things a little differently. And if you’re new to the community, welcome! We’re excited for you to join us, and you’re just in time to experience a new way to NFT.

Back in March, before the launch of The Battle Bunnies Genesis Collection, Frank, Christa, and the Food Fight Studios team all agreed that this community could never be about false promises, FOMO, or disingenuous marketing tactics.

Because to us, community is not a buzzword.

Real community has real relationships that aren’t transactional. One of the best parts of starting this journey to create The Battle Bunnies franchise has been all of the amazing relationships we’ve made (and will continue to make) from all over the world.

To us, this community has become a family. We wouldn’t be able to achieve this level of connection if we relied on tactics like those mentioned above. That’s not us, and it never will be.

We also couldn’t have built what we’ve already built without this family. Having the first-ever NFT community-written novel is no joke, and that was an add-on to the roadmap! Same with our Discord RPG game, “The Rabbit Hole” — which was also an add-on. We like to say we are more of a ‘show you project’ rather than a ‘tell you project.’ That won’t change because this is how we’ve always been, even before we joined forces on The Battle Bunnies.

But what about the bear market?

Our commitment isn’t to the market — it’s to our community and the franchise we’re building together.

We believe that NFT projects who are in it for the long haul will operate like a business, and businesses need to adapt to any and all market conditions. This isn’t the last ‘bear market’ The Battle Bunnies will see because we are here to stay.

So we are going to… do what any business with a long-term vision and a great team behind it would do. We are going to keep moving forward. We’re going to adapt. We’re going to innovate. We’re going to remain relentlessly focused on our supporters. Overdelivering real utility and real value every step of the way. We are going to collaborate with like-minded projects.

Meaningful collaborations are how we grow stronger as a business, and that’s how the NFT space will grow stronger as an industry. Collaboration that goes beyond Twitter retweets and whitelist giveaways. True collaboration that offers more value for our holders and theirs.

…and we’re going to be transparent throughout this process. Not only does The Battle Bunnies family deserve it, but other NFT projects trying to build, the right way, do too. Web 3 is hard! No one has it all figured out yet, and we won’t pretend to either. But we will be honest and we will do what we say we will.

All that said, we’ve got a collection to launch! And here’s how we are going to do it…

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The Phases of the Battle Bunnies NFT

1. Spartan Genesis Holders Premint Period

The fun begins here! The first phase of this journey starts with those who have been with us from the beginning. Their support has been the driving force to get us to this point and increased our will to obsessively deliver for them.

When we released the Spartan Genesis collection, we called it The Elite Guard for a reason. We knew then that we had a small (but mighty) group that could make more impact than larger communities that were built without genuine connection.

2. Limited Allowlist Mint Periods

We are using the term limited — not to induce FOMO — but to convey that this is not your traditional over-subscribed allowlist. This is a controlled list designed with the function to be turned off and on periodically. We also have the ability to add wallet addresses during the entire minting phase as we continue to meet the right people to bring into the family.

3. Partner Collaboration Mints

The NFT market is ready for innovative ways to reimagine collaboration, and we are not shying away from the opportunity. As we were discussing current limitations in standard smart contracts with our tech partner, Fandem, we came up with an innovative (yet simple) way to solve for some of those limitations.

We included a function within the smart contract that allows us to introduce partner collaborations mints, where you must hold an NFT from the collaboration partner. Just like the limited allowlist, this allows us to take a measured approach to seek out the right kind of projects to collaborate with––rather than just anyone. If you know of or come across a project with our same value let us know!

4. Auction Experiences

One of the most exciting parts of a generative NFT collection (or even opening a physical booster pack of cards) is the wonder of what you are about to get– like a chocolate bar with Charlie’s golden ticket.

This collection has over 450 hand-drawn traits. There are Legendary and Mythic Battle Bunnies, and most of them will be minted during the other phases. We aren’t going to take away the reveal experience, but the tech team reserved 25 of the Legendary and Mythics in the collection (along with a few other surprises) to hold auction experiences!

We will be announcing the details of these auctions throughout the mint, but anyone who wants a chance to own some of the most rare NFTs in the collection will get a shot!

5. Public Sale

We’ve carefully studied all types of NFT launches this past year, and we’ve seen good projects with strong potential go public prematurely because they had no other options––or they made a reactive decision on the fly.

The beautiful part of doing a controlled, phased mint with an upgradable contract is we can have a more proactive approach and decide, together, if it makes sense to go public. Opening to the public should be an option but not a last-resort nuclear option. In short, we might go public, we might not!

TL;DR : Bringing NFT all together

Most things in life are unpredictable. Most things are uncontrollable. With NFTs, there’s a mix of both. This is why we are going to take a more controlled, measured, and proactive approach to this NFT launch.

We’re using an innovative upgradable contract that gives us options. Options to add windows for holders of like-minded projects to mint, options to turn on or off the Allowlist & public sale. All along the way, we will be relentlessly out there spreading the word about The Battle Bunnies franchise. And we are going to have fun doing it… without the FOMO!

The Battle Bunnies Series 1 minting experience is going to be different than anything that’s been done before — and we can’t wait for everyone to take part!

See you in The Rabbit Hole!

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