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By understanding future formats, digital entrepreneurs can ensure their products and services are compatible with the latest technologies. New technology formats come from the work of open-source communities and collaborative projects that will define the next iteration of the internet, web 3.0.

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4 Easy Ways to Animate MidJourney Images (V5.2 – September 2023)

A few simple ways to create beautiful MidJourney animations from your generated images.


The Future of Creative Tech: Web3 for Marketers Demystified

How web3, NFTs, and the metaverse echo time-tested marketing principles with a tech-driven twist.

MidJourney Update V5 Announcement

MidJourney V5 Update: What To Know

The MidJourney V5 update is revolutionizing the AI image generation landscape with its powerful photorealism, opening up a world of creative possibilities for content creators and digital marketers. With the ability to generate stunning, realistic images – from Polaroids of fictional characters to captivating video backgrounds – V5 has become the talk of the town.

ehtereum ETH 2.0

The Ethereum Blockchain Upgrade Explained Simply

If you’re lost on what the Ethereum merge means, let’s pump the breaks and break it down.


AI vs dating apps & NFTs come to Instagram

I love creative takes on the regular old billboard. So when I saw this traffic-stopping billboard spotted in the streets of São Paulo, I had to share. At first glance, it looks like the poster melted in the sun, but of course… it’s been touched by the fiery breath of a dragon: HBO’s House of…

UNfantasy Football league graphic

Introducing the UNfantasy Football League — Talk Trash, Pray for Fumbles, and Collect NFTs

UNfantasy Football League gives players a new way to enjoy fantasy football with a parody twist.

The SAUCE - Thumbnails 2022 (13)

According to Google, Apple Might Not Be “Getting The Message”

This week on The SAUCE: A weekly digest for digital entrepreneurs, creators, and social-first brands.

Apple might not be getting the message about the green text and AI like dall-e and Tesla’s new robot might be taking your job.

battle bunnies NFT graphic

Announcing The Battle Bunnies NFT ‘Series 1’ mint: Fun Without the FOMO

Our Series 1 launch will take a different approach than you’re used to. We’re introducing a new kind of minting experience — FUN, stress-free, interactive, rewarding, and transparent.


NFT.NYC Event Recap: A Lackluster Conference Salvaged by Underground Meetups and Hidden Gems

Though disappointing in terms of setting and organization, it played host to a slew of unaffiliated underground events if you knew where to look.

A Guide To Spotting an NFT Project Worth Your Time and $ETH

The future has arrived and the NFT space is exploding. With it comes possibilities and confusion for collectors and crypto enthusiasts alike.