MidJourney Update V5 Announcement

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MidJourney V5 Update: What To Know

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The MidJourney V5 update has arrived – and it’s nothing short of WILD. With the new version, photorealism takes the lead – opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

Picture this: Harry Potter and his crew partying the night away in at a smoky rave in the 90s. Harry is throwing back pints, Hagrid’s watching out for Hermione, and Ron is sneaking out back to light a joint (he would totally do this).

And it’s all so… real.

Intrigued? You should be. That’s just a glimpse of what V5 brings to the table.

Across Twitter and Reddit and MidJourney’s Discord server, creators are buzzing as AI images from the latest update offer unparalleled quality – be it for product imagery, stock photos, video backgrounds, and more.

So, without further ado, let’s lift the veil on MidJourney V5 and how it’s taking AI content to the next level. These updates are courtesy of MidJourney’s server announcements channel.

What’s new with the MidJourney V5 base model:

  • Wider stylistic range and responsiveness to prompting, offering more variety and adaptability for your creative projects
  • 2x resolution increase, improved dynamic range, and more detailed images – providing clearer, crisper, and more attractive outputs
  • Enhanced performance with image prompting – boosting your creative potential
  • Experimental features like seamless tiling, aspect ratios greater than 2:1, and weighing image prompts versus text prompts – pushing the boundaries of AI-powered image generation

Style and prompting for V5:

  • The V5 test is designed as a ‘pro’ mode, with more diversity and responsiveness to your inputs.
  • The trade-off? It might be more challenging to use so be prepared to write longer, more explicit prompts to achieve the results you desire.
  • MidJourney said a ‘friendly’ default styling is coming soon that will give users the option to use the ‘raw’ mode.

Other stuff to note about V5:

  • According to the MidJourney team – V5 is still in alpha test. The exact model will evolve as it progresses towards full release.
  • There’s no V5 upscale available yet. The default resolution is the same as upscaled V4.

In short: This MidJourney update with V5 is a game-changer for creatives looking to embrace the power of AI and elevate their creative process. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the latest version of MidJourney and unleash your imagination like never before.