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WTF is The Sauce? Announcing a new knowledge hub for creators and digital entrepreneurs

Self proclaimed digital gossip girl, Taylor is a creative Swiss army knife with a pocket full of tips, tricks, and knowledge for thriving in the digital world. She's been a marketing director, a "creative" whatever, a tech journalist, a web designer, brand strategist, content creator, and more. Nothing has been as rewarding as being a digital entrepreneur.

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We’ve been busy cooking up the launch of something big. This week, we’re rolling out a new website experience for The Sauce as well as a new premium content hub – The Sauce+. 

Whether you’re a freelancer trying to land more clients, a creative entrepreneur building a brand, or a YouTuber with a message to share – you’ve found your people. The Sauce is a newly reimagined knowledge hub and resource destination for digital entrepreneurs, creators, and small businesses looking to level up and create better content.

Our mission is to share the best, most important stuff – while making it easy to understand. 

As a digital brand, we know that sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know. And that’s ok!

You don’t need to be a seasoned videographer, an SEO wizard, or a pro copywriter to grow your brand. We’re here to share our tips and best practices on how to get started, divulge the trends and news to look out for, and offer simpler ways to approach content. 

But first… Who is The Sauce? And how did we get here? 

It started in 2021 as coincidental magic that flavored our daily team meetings. A “did you know” here or a “here’s how you do it” there turned into internal workshops and lab-like experiments with content and technology. 

We asked questions like: How do pro influencers do it? How could we do it more efficiently? How can we help others we know do the same?

A collective knowledge formed and our team’s secret sauce was the key ingredient.

These golden nuggets – the valuable tips, workarounds, and quick wins for being a better digital entrepreneur – were the product of a creative golden ratio: part creative strategist, part voracious knowledge-seeker, part educator. We had all the parts.

But in 2021, our focus was on our clients. We turned our group expertise into a client-facing content studio within Food Fight Studios – the “un-agency” as we referred to it. We branded it The Lab and delivered the secret sauce to each client with the goal of helping them scale their digital brand and make more impactful content. 

But by the end of the year, we were also sharing more insights, templates, and knowledge than ever before – with clients, peers, friends, and our network.

It was during this time that we realized The Lab’s secret sauce could help more people than just our clients. We could give other entrepreneurs access to valuable tips, resources, and community. 

So we set up The Sauce with its own dedicated blog page on our Food Fight Studios website and launched our first newsletter in early 2022 (this year!).

Announcing The Sauce – A ‘bookmark’ resource for creators & small businesses

Fast forward to today: With a weekly newsletter, podcast on Twitter Spaces, long-form guides, and consistent news and education for content creators and businesses, we realized it was time to give The Sauce its own home.

So today, I’m excited to introduce the new website for The Sauce and our premium content hub, The Sauce+, a resource destination for digital entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level.

If The Sauce is our star ingredient, then we’ve been spending the last few months renovating the kitchen, perfecting the recipe, and stocking up. Here’s what we’ve got in store:

The new website: All content in one place

The new Sauce is designed to be your one-stop shop for all things content creation and digital entrepreneurship. We’ve migrated all of our blog posts, newsletters, guides, and podcasts over to a new URL,

The new experience is easier to navigate and packed with more of the insights, quick wins, and trends you need to grow your digital business. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out even more content and features to make it easy for you to find what you need and put it into action.

The Sauce+ to level up your digital skills

In addition to everything that’s available free on the site, we’re launching The Sauce+ – a premium content hub with even more in-depth resources, templates, and training to help you level up your online business or personal brand with best practices. It’s like a wikipedia of digital growth knowledge – without all the fluff. 

Members of The Sauce+ get access to education content, knowledge, trends, and community of content creators, digital entrepreneurs, and marketing pros.

What’s in The Sauce+?

  • Deep-dive guides like the Digital Media Playbook, NFT Guide for Creators, Creator Toolkit, or Branding Workshop
  • Discovery feed, with updates on creator trends and news
  • Direct chat with our team in the hub
  • Content and commentary you can’t find anywhere else
  • Connect with others who share your interests on the same topics 
  • Inspiration, trends, and expert perspectives every day

How to join The Sauce+?

For now, membership to The Sauce+ is limited to early adopters and invite-only. You can join the waitlist to be one of the first to get access, or purchase a product on The Sauce+ to get instant access.

We’ll be introducing some exciting benefits and perks to reward our early adopters and affiliates as we continue building out The Sauce+ network, so stay tuned! 

The Sauce is your one-stop shop for all things content creation and digital entrepreneurship

And it doesn’t end here! Part of the magic of The Sauce is that we’re always evolving. We’ll continue to experiment with new content formats, features, and products to help you level up your digital skills.

We’re grateful for your support as we’ve grown Food Fight Studios over the past few years, and we can’t wait to see what you build the secret sauce.

Thanks for being a part of The Sauce community!