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BRAND WORK: Amazing Whip-It

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Amazing Whip-it Products
Amazing Whip-it

How did we take a brand’s goal to pivot their commercial content from infomercial messaging to a nostalgic connection with their target audience while educating them on the benefits of a product that’s existed since 1989?

 Enter stage right: The “Before Its Time” content campaign.

Content Goals

Before diving into the visuals, we worked with The Amazing Whip-It to determine what we wanted to achieve with this campaign. The first step was laying out the content goals, which included: 

  1. Brand awareness. Get attention leveraging micro-content (aka – bite-sized packs of content for quick engagements)
  2. Content engagement. Drive authentic interest through relatable, differentiating, and fun-clean-good social content pillars. Give audiences a reason to follow, interact, shop, and share user-generated content (UGC).
  3. Conversions. Generate views, then turn impressions into sales.

The Concept – “Before Its Time”

In an effort to reach the target market (U.S., women, age 40-55, interested in the ‘New Clean Freaks’ movement), we aimed to highlight a recognizable and relatable period in history to associate nostalgia with the features and benefits of Amazing Whip-It Products.

Some of our favorite headline samples:  

  • Super Powered Essential Oil Formula Used By Mario and Luigi to Defeat Set-In Stains… And Bowser
  • Cruelty Free, unlike the pinch you get when you would close the metal rings of your trapper keeper
  • Biodegradable ingredients makes cleaning your track suit fashionable 

The Results