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Emmy Award Winner: Dreamer Documentary

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Project Highlights

What we did: Four animated segments for Dreamer, the documentary

Timeline: 30 days to complete at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic

Results: Global virtual premiere on July 20, 2020, landing the film (and us!) an Emmy Award

Dreamer Documentary Emmy award winner


In early 2020, just as the global COVID-19 pandemic was locking down the world, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Nick Nanton was working on a documentary that would inspire millions to dream bigger and live a life with meaning and fulfillment.

Aptly so, the documentary would be called Dreamer – made for anyone who’s been called ‘crazy’ for having a vision of a bigger and better future.

But like most productions that came to a halt due to the pandemic, gaps in footage meant the documentary needed a creative solution to get the film past the finish line. With live-action on hold, animation became the magic bullet.

Knowing our process and commitment to getting it done, Nick Nanton and the partners at DNA Films didn’t hesitate to turn to us for animation support. And it didn’t take much convincing to get us on board. After all, Dreamer was our kind of project with a story and mission we could get behind.

Dreamer documentary drawing

Timeline & Approach

With only 30 days to complete the project, we animated four compelling segments for the film – all with the goal of creating something that was equal parts inspiring and motivating.

Each segment had a different focus and approach, designed to tell the true stories of ordinary people who became extraordinary by following their dreams.

The Results