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BRAND WORK: The Brace Life

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In December 2020, NYC-based celebrity fitness trainer Robert Brace tapped the team at Food Fight Studios (Visual Impact Lab) to help expand his reach and create a new, all-inclusive wellness platform – a mobile and desktop web app called The Brace Life

The purpose of the app is to give subscribers unlimited access to the mind-body-soul lifestyle that Robert has created and actively practices. As demonstrated by the wellness movement, there’s a growing desire for holistic approaches to living, but no one in the category of fitness has created a brand that merges the categories of mindfulness, fitness and health into a comprehensive mind-body philosophy.

With a launch date set for January 1, 2021, The Brace Life app aimed to give members access to exclusive Robert Brace’s video sessions, including fitness tutorials (HIIT, cardio, dance, focus areas, etc.), meditation practices, motivational content, and more. Members also have the opportunity to access daily, personalized data to track habits and routine, an interactive journal to encourage reflection and transformation, and the ability to participate in Group sessions and invite friends to join the journey. 

With the app strategy, design, and launch, we wanted to ensure that all user touchpoints were rooted in The Brace Life manifesto:

  • We believe in the quest for whole body wellness.
  • It’s not just about working out, It’s about working in.
  • Fitness that connects our spiritual needs with the physical.
  • Fitness that connects inner workings of the mind with outer workings of the body.
  • We are mentors of the mind-body connection… the guides of whole body wellness.


Impact Goals

  1. Increase social media presence. 
    • Personal branding when done with pure intention has the power to create deep impact not only in the lives of your growing audience, but also in your life as well.
  2. Broaden audience & amplify brand presence. 
    • Mindfulness and meditation are no longer just a subversive culture or fad. Our culture continues to explore the benefits of mindfulness on modern living. 
    • Generation Mindfulness – a whole body experience, a whole new audience
  3. Make signature messages part of the mantra & generate advocacy.
    • Trainers are creating brand ecosystems, not just workouts – successful players in the fitness space work to give audiences a complete experience.
    • Billboards of Spiritual Nutrition – establish the brand beyond the digital/physical space
  4. Launch App/Community
    • Curate a wellness app to meet the needs of the modern user through education, engagement, and sharables
    • Ensure a successful launch on January 1, 2021 by leveraging brand partnerships (influencers), content activations, and targeted messaging.

The Results