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Meta’s new AI – CICERO – wants to solve complex problems

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We love AI… AI visual generator tools and AI text generators are all super useful to us creatives. They of course, raise some legal and ethical questions, but when used correctly can catapult our respective arts to new heights.

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But there’s this now, Meta shares its latest update, an AI system that can use strategic reasoning and natural language to solve problems put before it.

CICERO is the first artificial intelligence agent to achieve human-level performance in the popular strategy game Diplomacy. Diplomacy has been viewed as a nearly impossible challenge in AI because it requires players to understand people’s motivations and perspectives, make complex plans and adjust strategies, and use language to convince people to form alliances. 

“While CICERO is only capable of playing Diplomacy, the technology behind it is relevant to many other applications. For example, current AI assistants can complete simple question-answer tasks, like telling you the weather — but what if they could hold a long-term conversation with the goal of teaching you a new skill?”

This all sounds a little creepy and movie-style robot-takeover-esque. AI systems that can think independently, and influence real people’s behavior? Absolutely no concerns or problems here… 

There’s also the concern of the new trend called “DeepCloned”. (This is not a real News Story although it took me a minute to figure that out.) 

AI system conversation deep clone VRChat

This could be a very real thing in 2024 and I don’t think I like it…

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