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Meta drama: Bribery, layoffs, and TikTok taps in

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As Meta and Twitter layoff thousands, TikTok is scooping up the talent

TikTok has been our hero for quite a while, and she’s stepping up again. In November alone, 48k+ tech employees have been let go — most of them from Twitter and Meta. Whereas Meta is seeing ad revenue decline, TikTok is forecasting revenue growth of ~150% up from $4 billion last year to $10B this year.

Now, TikTok’s San Francisco team is looking to nearly double its headcount. The team has grown from a few hundred to 1k+ since 2020, and TikTok is looking to add another 1k. Following layoffs at Twitter and Meta, TikTok recruiters have swooped in to snag job-seeking engineers.


Two dozen Meta employees fired for bribery

A report by Wall Street Journal released some shocking internal affairs at the Meta headquarters. We love the tea – but feel for those affected.  

Two dozen employees were recently fired for failing to follow the organization’s policy. The culprits were accused of misusing their social media accounts while also exploiting an account recovery tool, Online Operations.

The specific account recovery tool was believed to act as an alternative for the restoration of accounts on the Facebook and Instagram apps. It enables workers to file out reports that have to do with accounts that can’t be accessed at the moment. This way, control may be restored for different Meta employees and their acquaintances.

The employees fired were those who ended up taking huge bribes worth thousands of dollars. The bribes were made by users that had been locked out of accounts but notably hackers that wanted access to such accounts on the apps. 

I feel for the people being laid off at Meta, but the culprits deserve to go. I think this (along with the story below) raises questions on the security of our social accounts at Meta.