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Social media marketing for content creators leverages social platforms to interact with your audience and grow followers. But don’t just use social media to promote your content – use it to respond to comments, answer questions, and start conversations. Follow other content creators in your niche and interact with their posts. Not only does this help build relationships with other creatives, but generates exposure to new audiences too.

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Blue: The color of clout on social media platforms?

Tumblr joined the Blue verification trend, mocking Twitter’s and Meta’s paid subscriptions by offering “Important Blue Internet Checkmarks” for a one-time fee and generated a 125 percent boost in iOS in-app revenue.

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Twitter Updates: Challenges, platform changes and ‘features’ in 2023 (so far)

Twitter considers TweetDeck becoming a paid feature while Musk hopes to turn Twitter into a payments platform, and other updates.

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TikTok Updates: In-app shopping, beta testing search ads

TikTok is beta testing search ads within its app and introducing a new Refresh feature that lets users reset their For You page when it starts getting dull.

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How reframing a POV can refine your social content strategy

How do we create great content and strengthen our content strategy? You need to understand not only your audience, but the way your content is perceived on and across social media channels. What are they looking to connect with? What are their pain points and how do you relieve them? That’s not always easy –…

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New year, new marketing goals: How to set goals you can actually meet

Step up your game in the new year with our expert tips on setting killer marketing goals that’ll align with your biz goals, be realistic, and measurable.

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Meta updates: New reactions on Messenger, plans to scoop up Twitter users

Meta is out with a new Messenger feature that enables users to set quick reactions in chats to an avatar instead of an emoji.

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Is Instagram dead? 

It’s no secret that Instagram has made it difficult for content creators to get their work seen — reducing engagement, pumping up ads, leaving accounts with stale followers, and ultimately killing off user excitement. But why is this happening?

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Twitter news & updates: December 2022 [Running List]

A weekly updated log on the latest headlines about Twitter – and why it matters for content creators.

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Native scheduling comes to Linkedin

Finally – a way to schedule posts on LinkedIn natively within the app or browser. Here’s how.

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Instagram updates to know about: DM updates, new interest categories

Instagram is out with a few new features that could give your discovery a boost.