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Introducing the UNfantasy Football League — Talk Trash, Pray for Fumbles, and Collect NFTs

It’s the 4th quarter with only 2 minutes left. Your favorite team is winning against the division rivals 27–23, but they need a defensive stop. You check the ESPN app to see how your fantasy team is doing. You’ve got a chance to win this week, but the starting QB in your fantasy team just happens to be the starting QB about to drive down the field and beat your IRL team.

Who do you root for?

If this was traditional fantasy football, you’d root for the rival QB to throw a touchdown pass, and you’d bite your knuckle, so your family doesn’t hear you cheer for it.

But what if you could still have the real-life teams you hate on your fantasy team and root for them… to screw up?! That is where UNfantasy Football League steps in.

Welcome to the UNfantasy Football League, a new way to enjoy two of America’s favorite pastimes

The idea behind UNfantasy Football is simple: You get points when your team sucks. If botched plays make you do this to your TV:

Then buckle up your chin straps because fumbles, penalties, and missed field goals are your ticket to that 1st place trophy this year.

UNfantasy makes fantasy football easier, less time-consuming, and more fun

Nobody has time for updating lineups on multiple teams anymore.

This year though, you don’t have to tell your old college buddies you can’t play in the Alpha Lambda league because your boss asked you first. With the way UNfantasy football works, you could be in ten leagues without any more effort. Game on frat boy and bossman!

If your wife scheduled a dinner party the night of your league draft, you won’t be stuck with Cam Newton as your QB1. If the NFL season already started, but you were too wrapped up in expense reports to notice, you won’t have to sit this year out.

UNfantasy Football solves all of those issues by basing the scoring around teams, not players, and using retroactive scoring that lets you get in on the season after it started.

The best part? This game is made up of digital collector cards that you actually own. If you’re playing this year, you own a piece of the inaugural season. It’s like the Bill Romanowski of keeper leagues (on steroids).

How the Game Works

There are two main differences that make this game different from regular fantasy football.

You get points when your team does bad things.

Second, instead of focusing on players who come and go faster than a Miami Dolphins Head Coach, UNfantasy Football uses teams. This adds a new dimension to fantasy football and at the same time frees up… well…. time!

Scoring in the UNfantasy Football League

The scoring is based on five different categories which are all used in football; offense, defense, special teams, penalty yards, and wins/losses.

When you buy into the league, a random set of 5 playing cards are generated and act as your starter pack. You are guaranteed to have one card in each of the five categories which allow you to play the game. Here’s an example of what a starter pack can look like.

unfantasy football scoring
a starter pack includes five randomly generated playing cards with one in each scoring category for UNfantasy Football.

In this example, you want the Washington offense to throw interceptions, fumble the ball, and not score in the game! You’d want Cincinnatti’s defense to give up a ton of points and not cause any turnovers. New England? Miss some field goals + extra points, and punt that ball as many times as possible. Vegas hopefully racks up those penalty yards like they did in the 1970’s and you’d want Minnesota to have a perfect season….lose every game!

All of the cards will rack up points, and all of those points will equal your total score.

That’s it! It’s that simple.

Even cooler, you can buy into the season after the season starts and your randomly generated started pack will act as your default lineup and points will be retroactively added to the standings. If you don’t like your cards you can mint more randomly generated cards, trade with a fellow player, or check out the free agency pool to buy already revealed cards.

To dive in deeper, the official rulebook can be found here.

So WTF is an NFT & Why UNfantasy Football as an NFT collection?

The short answer is an NFT is just a fancy way of saying “proof of ownership in a digital asset,” and this is going to allow us to create a next-level experience. From gameplay to rewards that have never been seen before and that go on beyond the 2022–23 season. Because when you’re in this league, you own your digital playing cards…literally.

But first off, you don’t need to know anything about NFTs to play. In fact, we set it up so you don’t ever need to if you don’t want to. But if you’re curious or want to see what all the hype is about, this is a great, safe way to learn and see it in action.

While most of the news about NFTs talk about digital art and jpegs, there are many more applications for businesses and digital entrepreneurs. UNfantasy Football is one of them and is centered around a fun game, digital collectibles, and rewarding utilities.

In the UNfantasy Football League, you own the cards in your collection. So the Tampa Bay Offense card might not get you a ton of points this year. But when Tom Brady is forced to retire because of an allergic reaction to Botox, that card is going to be a solid “injection” into your starting lineup.

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What Makes These NFTs Collectible?

For those of us that have ever collected any kind of sports or game cards, you might already get what adding a collectible component to this game is going to feel like. But even if you never had binders full of Topps baseball cards or Garbage Pale Kids lying around your bedroom floor, you are going to want to understand what makes some of the UNfantasy playing cards rarer than others. Because there will be utilities (rewards) added to them. The rarer the card, the better the reward!


While UNfantasy Football is first and foremost a game, there is a collectible component to it that has actual utility attached. So don’t let that Kansas City card go just yet.

The rarities of the collection are determined by the backgrounds, alternate team logos, and full-set combinations with the emphasis being mostly on the background rarities.

About the UNfantasy Football League Backgrounds

The collection has 51 total backgrounds with four potential styles denoting a rarity structure of:

  • Plain ole’ Common
  • UNcommonly Bad
  • Rare-ly Good
  • Epic Fail

All playing card NFTs have backgrounds, which determine the rarity of the card. You can verify which background you have in the properties section on Opensea.

  • Plain ole’ Common backgrounds make up 79% of the collection and are simply the colors of a team.
  • UNcommonly Bad backgrounds have the colors of a team but also a “Background Blooper” or easter egg
  • Rare-ly Good backgrounds are moments a team has really F’d up. Rare backgrounds also have the “Background Blooper” but have a silver shine to them.
  • Epic Fail backgrounds are the most rare in the collection and represent the 3 teams who have had perfect UNfantasy Football seasons in the Win/Loss category. These have a diamond background. Puurfect Season, QBs wanted, and Kreamsickle.

Background Details for the NFTs

Plain ole’ Common (solid color background) — all 32 teams. 1,915 NFTs have this background.

unfantasy football background
The 32 common backgrounds of the collection

UNcommonly bad (include background icons) — There are 12 types of “UNcommonly bad” backgrounds, taking a proverbial piss at a franchise for some annoying reason or another.

  • Recording in Progress (NE)
  • Pick Me (SF)
  • Boo Santa (PHI)
  • Bounty Hunter (NO)
  • Cheesy (GB)
  • How bout’ them 90’s (DAL)
  • Sh!t Outta Luck (IND)
  • Just Lose Baby (LV)
  • Livin’ in the Past (MIA)
  • No Names (WAS)
  • Nothing Butt Fumbles (NYJ)
  • Wish You Were Here (LAC)

480 NFTs have this background

unfantasy football NFT backgrounds

Rarely good (silver background with one blunder icon) — There are 4 types of “Rarely good” backgrounds representing some big-time screw-ups. Atlanta, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Seattle. 80 NFTs have this background

unfantasy football diamond background
28–3 (ATL), Wide Right (BUF), Pass Mode (SEA), Sticky Shuffle (CIN) are all “Rare-ly Good” backgrounds

Epic Fail (diamond background with one blunder icon) — There are three types of “Epic Fail” backgrounds representing the three teams who had the perfect UNfantasy season by losing all of their games.

football blunder background
CLE, DET, TB Epic Fail backgrounds — the rarest background in the Season 1 Collection.

Only 25 NFTs have this background.

  • 10 QB’s Wanted
  • 10 Purfect Season
  • 5 Kreamsickle backgrounds — which are the rarest in the collections (because not only did their team suck, that uniform of theirs is synonymous with failure!)

Full Sets — Full sets are when the logo on the team card and the background represent the same team.

There are no set amount of full sets in the collection because they are created randomly, but they do not happen commonly.

Here are some examples of full sets that have already been minted.

unfantasy logos
Cin, LAR, and MIA full set examples.

2nd String Alt Logos — Some teams are too easy to make fun of we do it twice! There is no set amount in the collection but they appear less frequently than the main parody logos.

unfantasy football 2nd string alt logos
2nd-String Alternate Logos — DET, NYJ, CLE, NYG, MIA

The Utilities for the UNfantasy Football League

While the rarity of cards does not have a direct effect on the scoring this season, there is reason to own these cards!

There are a lot of fun things and rewarding utilities that will be added to the more rare combinations throughout the season, and you won’t have to wait until the end of the season to receive them!

So what is the first batch of utilities we are announcing?!

  • Every Owner’s Pass for the inaugural season gets you into next year’s league — no additional buy-in
  • Every Owner’s Pass holder will have access to the Food Fight Studios’ “friends list,” otherwise known as the whitelist or allowlist, and will have the opportunity to mint any other NFT projects Food Fight is involved in.
  • If the logo on your Owner’s Pass lost their game in week 1 of the NFL season, you are getting a free NFT playing card to add to your deck and potential lineup.
  • EVERYONE will get a free NFT playing card when their team’s combined points get to 300…but
  • ….the first team to hit 300 points will win this Vayner Sports Pass NFTIt’s already got offers on it equivalent to $200+, and the cheapest one currently for sale (known as “the floor price” in NFTs) is .23 ETH or around $400 for you Web2 peeps. Keep it, trade it, sell it.
  • If you hold any Epic Fail Background on 9/28/2022 you are getting a free Series 1 Battle Bunny NFT!

To stay tuned in to future utilities, announcements, and shit-talking, join our Telegram chat or sign up for the email updates you won’t wanna miss at www.unfan.xyz.

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