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Redefining Entrepreneurship with Gary Vee

One of the exciting projects that we work on here at Food Fight Studios is creating animated podcasts. They give the visual story to the podcast in little snippets of the interview. One of the clients that we create these animated podcast stories for is James Altucher. He interviews people who have created their own paths to success and in doing so have created meaningful and financially free lives. It is always fun to get their views and advice on how to improve your own life. So, here’s an animated podcast with Garyvee. 

Here we are looking at creating freedom for oneself.

One huge takeaway from this interview with Gary is that after trying this process, or seeing the steps explained, you may be actually happy with the way their life is going. You may have thought that you wanted something different, but once you see the things you must relinquish in order for that to happen, you realize you may actually be okay with the way you live your life. 

The transformation you must take in order to remodel your life isn’t an easy one. One important fact to point out is that this isn’t just about changing the path of life to “make that money!!” Some people aren’t looking for a change in their circumstances to become rich. Some people in fact, make $20,000 a year and aren’t complaining. This is for people who are complaining to themselves and to others, a “woe is me” path.

If someone is looking at their job, feeling miserable, seeing the world change before their eyes and feeling like they better make a change now, what should they do?

In Gary Vee’s experience, there are 4 steps to take.

Step 1: Eliminate Leisure

The first step is to eliminate “leisure.” Leisure is the use of free time for enjoyment. If someone added up the time they spend doing activities that are not helping them grow, how many hours would that be? Do they spend their free time watching TV shows, playing video games, going out to the bar to watch sports with their buddies, or scrolling on the phone through endless social media posts? Take that away and instead use those hours to map out how to get out of the job that they hate. 

Step 2: Garyvee’s Path To Having Self-Awareness

Next on Gary’s list is having self-awareness. Self-awareness, in Gary’s opinion, is the single greatest attribute anyone could be gifted with. He doesn’t know where it comes from, but he knows it is “the thing.” Do an assessment, gather the data, and for the first time decide that you don’t live life hoping and wishing you were something. Use self-awareness to decide what you are and navigate around that. 

Step 3: Go For It, or Not

Once someone has made it that far, the next step is deciding whether to go for it or not. It is a big step and process.  Gary Vee says that around 8 out of 10 times, someone takes a step back and makes the verdict to stay where they are. They realize that they actually like the activities they do in leisure and they are actually okay in their life. Or in the other direction, someone arrives at the conclusion that they are not okay, so then the path is to build a business around something that they love. Because when you do that, Gary states it’s not work! If you look around at the things you do when you are not at work, choose to build a business around that. There may be a loss of income, less vacation time, a downsized home, but it could make someone a lot happier. The choices that have to be made, leverage what you are doing to the next thing. 

Step 4: Creating a Business That You Love

So even though Garyvee tells us that he is super uneducated, he speaks from the heart of what has worked for him. This may not work for everyone, but here are some suggestions to taking things to the next level. Create relationships on social media. Even if it is not something you are used to or comfortable with, Gary Vee states that it is part of the narrative. Create an account on Twitter. You can search from there to find people that are talking about a subject you are interested in. Find the people who are talking about the same idea and connect with them. Follow them. Create that relationship and offer value. This will make it authentic. It is important to bring value first, according to Gary. Look at Entrepreneurship as FREEDOM! It doesn’t mean making a million dollars, it’s simply creating freedom. Those are some great ideas from someone who has created this freedom in their own life!