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The Metaverse, Web3, and the socialverse

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It’s MLK Jr. Day, and I know that while you’ve probably been spending the day in front of a screen (the work of a digital entrepreneur is never done), it’s important to take time to reflect. 

So if there’s anything you do this evening, let it be this: Take a moment. Recognize the importance of this holiday and educate yourself on its historical significance. If you need a resource, I highly recommend this stunning photo curation by NBCNews: Martin Luther King Jr.: His life in pictures

Now, let’s get into it with a fresh serving of all things content (and other stuff you should know).

WTF is…?

Buzzwords, stories, and topics you’ve probably heard of – explained simply.


Metaverse has a few different meanings. In general, the term refers to any network of 2D or 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection through games, platforms, and experiences.

Here’s the confusing part: Facebook changed its corporate name to Meta in October 2021. Since then, the company has been making a play to brand the term “metaverse” as its own system of 3D experiences. Meta does, after all, own Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, WhatsApp, and other platforms, which could make Meta’s vision a reality. 


Whether in VR, AR, or simply on a screen, the promise of a metaverse means more overlap in our digital and physical lives. Digital content is here to stay, and more immersive content will be increasingly how people use and consume media. For now, the metaverse is still like the wild wild west: great for testing new ideas and concepts, but still not majority mainstream yet. We’re all still figuring it out, so we’ll keep you posted. 


Web3, aka Web 3.0, is a broad concept that describes the improvements and evolution of the internet. It’s the term many digital enthusiasts use when talking about the internet of the future. Expect to hear “Web3” used alongside words like “decentralized,” “blockchain,” and “NFT.” 


Basically, the internet we know now is getting some important upgrades just like our iOS or Windows software does. Web3 is the next big iteration of the internet and it’s starting to replace “crypto” as the catch-all term for a more secure, user-owned digital ecosystem. Web 2.0, the internet we all know and love, is focused on social connection and is dominated by Meta (aka Facebook), Google, and others. In theory, Web3 is built on blockchain technology where no single majority holds the keys (think Facebook). Instead, it relies on decentralization, token-based economics, and interactive/immersive experiences. 

If that sounds confusing, don’t worry. We’re working to understand what’s next with Web3 and how we can get ahead of it for ourselves, the people we work with, and for you. We’ll keep you posted.

the socialverse

week of Jan, 17, 2022

You can now record and share Spaces chats on Twitter 

Take note, podcasters and audio content creators. Twitter has announced that all Spaces hosts can now record their chats on both iOS and Android devices. The new replay feature makes it easier for listeners to engage with content they miss during a live chat, but more importantly, it makes your audio content EASIER to share when you’re on a mission to grow your audience.

If you’re advertising on Facebook Meta…

Meta has shared a reminder of its various eCommerce and shopping policies, which apply to all businesses and individuals looking to sell products and services in its apps (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp). So if you’re planning on running your own ads this year, save this for your reading list.

Instagram is now testing TikTok-style vertical scrolling for Stories

As noted by social expert Matt Navarra, the new feature has already rolled out to some users and will likely roll out further in the coming months. Vertical video is here to stay, so get used to it. Better yet – create for it.

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