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BRAND LAUNCH ALERT: Putting a Brand into Motion in 12 Weeks

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Giving brands an innovative visual impact is something we’re exceptional at. 

We’re The Lab at Food Fight Studios, and we’ve completed many successful brand launches. We know when done strategically, they’re a powerful move that can reposition companies to get their product in front of the right people.

This is why we are excited to announce the brand launch for a company that’s changing the world of precision technology: Piezo Motion. 

Discover Piezo Motion

Considering that the technological advances in our digital world are moving quicker than ever before, innovation needs to be better, faster, and more precise to meet the exact performance expectations in the physical world. 

Discover Piezo Motion. 

Piezo Motion has created a new line of piezoelectric motors without the traditional piezo price tag. A price tag typically makes this kind of motion technology unattainable for engineers and the hardware they are designing. 

From hobby engineering to advanced surgical robotics, Piezo Motion not only powers the technology in our lives, but it’s also the preferred choice engineers turn to as an innovative, reliable, and affordable solution. It’s the power within reach.

Strategic Goals:

In the acquisition of DTI Motors, Piezo Motion required a brand launch as innovative as their products.

We couldn’t turn down the chance to work with a company that’s disrupting the innovative world, so we leveraged our strategic and creative muscle to design and reposition Piezo Motion’s brand to help them give their customers a cohesive, on-brand experience.

We walked them through our in-depth strategic process to rediscover what they wanted to accomplish. We then put together a plan to reposition their brand in a new way.

Our goals were to deliver strategic target person mapping, complete industry research, set up brand positioning, and help Piezo Motion establish a robust and uniform presence.

What We Did:

We work with the fact in mind that strategic brand positioning helps companies thrive, not just survive. So our goal is to commit ourselves to understanding a brand’s culture, clients, and bottom line to deliver a consistent change that aligns with the brand. We think you’ll agree that this brand launch will impact the precision motion world! 

Brand Establishing Creative

We wanted to curate comprehensive content to give Piezo Motion the ability to tell its important story in a new way. So we dove in and created 4 press releases, a complete set of brand guidelines, multiple assets, templates, and motion graphics for their video content. All rebranded to showcase the unique value Piezo motion brings to the table.  

We brought together our team with the proven experience and created a new brand essence, vision, positioning, brand name, logo, and fonts to fully implement a successful rebranding.

A Brand New World

The team then created and developed a fully immersive design of the new Piezo Motion website. We broke away from the standard status quo of websites positioning OEM products for engineers and created something that showcases how Piezo Motion disrupts technology. 

We created a digital experience to showcase the technology and enable a streamlined approach to implementing Piezo Motion’s innovative technology through content and commerce touchpoints.

The Results:

A totally new experience for an OEM product that is informative, immersive, and shoppable. 

A monumental brand positioning – “If Piezo precision products seemed unattainable, think again.” – coupled with branding visuals as innovative as the brand, establishing the company as pioneers. 

It was an honor to visually lead such an innovative company in raising its brand awareness through immersive attention, strategy, and execution. Through the website, we’ve given the ability for engineers to buy a product straight through the website instead of the outdated lengthy process like calling a representative.

The Deliverables:

Through immersive interviews and extensive research, the content production services team established Piezo Motion through press releases to tackle four key areas – Company Announcement, Micro-Dosing Pump Product, Partnership(s), and Leadership Positioning.

Then we established brand visuals from product renderings to email signatures and everything in between to put Piezo Motion on the map as the innovative technology company delivering precision motion at an affordable price. Executions included:

  • 2021 Brand Playbook
  • CGI Product Hero Renderings
  • Business Cards
  • Email Marketing Template
  • Email Signature
  • Fonts
  • Impact Wall
  • Letterhead
  • LinkedIn Channel Art
  • YouTube Channel Art
  • Logo Assets
  • Logo Reveal
  • Brochure
  • Product Imagery Treatments
  • Product Vector Icons

And the ultimate branding currency – the website – a fully immersive strategy, design, and development launching PiezoMotion.com. Design and development included:

  • Full-Stack Design and Development
  • Product Data & Assets
  • ShipStation Email HTML Template 
  • Image Repository
  • WooCommerce Email Header

Is it time for you to rebrand? Get in touch for guidance and a solid strategy to help level up your brand.