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Instagram’s chronological feed is back & LinkedIn tests audio rooms

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Week of January 10, 2022

the social verse

Instagram’s chronological feed is back – TechCrunch

“The non-chronological home feed will feature ‘more and more recommendations over time,’ functioning more as a discovery hub than a way to keep up on content from people you already follow.” 
Read More | By Taylor Hatmaker

Facebook’s Creator Studio adds new preview features – Matt Navarra, Twitter

Facebook has added a slew of new features to its Creator Studio, including methods via which videos and in-stream content can have previews be generated before being uploaded.
Read More | Matt Navarra

LinkedIn is testing audio feeds, kind of like what ClubHouse is – Social Media Today

“LinkedIn’s launching an initial test of its own, Clubhouse-like audio events platform, which will enable users to tune into live discussions in the app, and participate by raising their virtual hand to join as a speaker.”
Read More | By Andrew Hutchinson 

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