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Instagram updates graphic

Instagram Updates: New features, tools, and upgrades in 2023 (so far)

Instagram is testing monetization options, paid verification and custom lead forms for profile CTAs.

meta logo graphic

Meta updates: New reactions on Messenger, plans to scoop up Twitter users

Meta is out with a new Messenger feature that enables users to set quick reactions in chats to an avatar instead of an emoji.

Instagram updates graphic

Is Instagram dead? 

It’s no secret that Instagram has made it difficult for content creators to get their work seen — reducing engagement, pumping up ads, leaving accounts with stale followers, and ultimately killing off user excitement. But why is this happening?

Instagram updates space graphic

Instagram updates to know about: DM updates, new interest categories

Instagram is out with a few new features that could give your discovery a boost.

AMA on Instagram music on photos graphic

Instagram AMA format rolling out to profiles? …and other updates

An Ask Me Anything Instagram feature pops up, a new Stories feature restricts access to followers only, and music can be added to photos.

NFTs on Instagram graphic

Selling NFTs on Instagram?

With this update, creators will have access to a toolkit that will help them create, showcase and sell NFTs on Instagram.

Scheduling on Instagram

Finally… scheduling on Instagram (natively!)

Natively scheduling posts on Instagram will make creator’s lives much easier, but adding a song to your profile? Feels like a nostalgic move.

creator monetizing youtube instagram tiktok logos

Diving into the creator economy: Monetizing YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

We’re jumping right into the promised latest scoop on the creator economy. Here’s what you need to know, and why, if you want to earn money, YouTube should be your focus.

Instagram Notes graphic

Instagram tests new Notes feature and multiple links in bio

Instagram Notes appears to be getting a wider rollout, ability to add multiple links to your IG bio is on the horizon.

Instagram updates graphic

Instagram Stories to stop breaking up videos

Instagram Stories will uninterrupted now, Meta doubling down on Sharing NFTs now but also launches copycat feature from TikTok playbook.