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Pinterest partners with Warner Music to create new ‘Idea Pins’

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With all the apps that are jumping on the video trend, here’s one we haven’t reported on in a while. Pinterest already has a video feature, which I actually enjoy! It makes my searches for “how to pose like a normal person” a little more informative.

Last week, Pinterest announced plans to “bring today’s top artists and music on the platform,” giving users the ability to add tracks from Ed Sheeran, Silk Sonic, Anitta, and many more to their Idea Pins.

This is a mega change from the standard protocol of the app, where inspo mood boards and product discovery were the main goals. But now, this new launch of “Idea Pins” is a step in a TikTok like direction… we’ll keep you updated on how well it actually goes over.

Pinterest is a visual app first, which could help it out in this aspect. Although I don’t know about you, I normally don’t have my audio turned on when using the app. Maybe now I will.


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