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MidJourney Update V5 Announcement

MidJourney V5 Update: What To Know

The MidJourney V5 update is revolutionizing the AI image generation landscape with its powerful photorealism, opening up a world of creative possibilities for content creators and digital marketers. With the ability to generate stunning, realistic images – from Polaroids of fictional characters to captivating video backgrounds – V5 has become the talk of the town.

The SAUCE - Thumbnails 2022 (42)

ChatGPT: What creators & marketers need to know about the new AI writing tool

ChatGPT’s interactive dialogue format makes it easy and possible for it to answer questions, write copy, and help marketers in a ton of ways.

AI generated content midjourney

AI generated content: The good, the bad the ugly

AI helps inspire creative workflows to be more efficient. But as adoption grows, the tech is blurring some lines.

google update graphic

New search update from Google prioritizes ‘human’ content

With Google’s latest update, AI-generated blog posts may not be your best friend. Write human for humans… and human for Google.


The Rise of AI Image Generation: What It Is & How Content Creators Can Use It

With AI image generation, machine learning algorithms and AI models are used to produce high quality and vibrant images based on textual input. And yes, it’s as strange and as futuristic as it sounds.

More AI features come to TikTok, and we test LinkedIn Newsletters

This week on The SAUCE: A weekly digest for digital entrepreneurs, creators, and social-first brands.

Is your Instagram profile optimized? 

Let me rephrase that. When people visit your business Instagram profile, are they getting everything they need to understand what you do?