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New search update from Google prioritizes ‘human’ content

Loves to write, loves to research, and loves the performance of all things social & blog strategy.

Google recently rolled out new core updates to their search ranking algorithm. Articles or blogs will be ranked not only according to keywords, but also readability and user experience (how long people stay on the piece, whether or not it’s actually helpful, etc.)

This Google update was made to help rank written content that’s actually useful and answers the searcher’s questions, while downgrading content that’s solely written just to “boost search ranking.” Because no one wants to waste time with “meh” content.

The takeaway? Make sure your written content actually has value — even if you’re running it through a tool like Share your expert opinion and unique implications in your writing, making your piece more insightful to read.

Write human for humans, and use AI-generated copy to help you along the way.


ICYMI: Google now including YouTube Shorts in search results

A few key updates for you from YouTube:

YouTube Shorts are now showing up in Google searches. We love repurposing our content over from TikTok & Instagram to this platform, and now that Google is indexing YouTube shorts in search results, I’d recommend adding keywords into your captions so you show up more often in search results. The same goes for TikTok, as seen in the image, your videos might start showing up in shorts results.

YouTube’s also added a new way for creators to engage with their community via Shorts, with an option to create a Shorts clip based on a comment posted on your videos.

As you can see in this example, the new option will provide a quick link to create a Short from a posted comment, which will then transfer that comment to a sticker within the Shorts camera, and from there you can record your video.

This feature is similar to Tiktok & just recently Instagram’s reply feature, and is only available on the iPhone app at the moment.