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Are creators using algorithms – or is it the other way around?

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Most creators surveyed by Patreon say they’re not generally happy.

The study had 1500 different content creators, 70% of creators said they felt social media apps are putting them in a risky position that won’t benefit them. And it’s amazing how 60% of such individuals were actually relying on the apps to put forward work.

70% of creators say they feel deceived by big tech platforms (i.e., Instagram, Facebook, YouTube), yet over 60% say they primarily rely on these platforms to showcase creative work. But disproportionately. depending on any single one puts you at the whim of the platforms, meaning any algorithm change can impact your income. 

Creators using algorithms to manage precious time

Jade Fox, comedian, creator, and culture commentator, has some creative ways to repurpose a single idea, by adapting it to work across multiple platforms. She finds ways to take a single concept and turn that into a handful of posts that all create value for her community in different ways.

For example, Jade might make a reaction video about style tips for her pop-culture YouTube channel, and then collab with herself by linking to a how-to-dress video over on her Madeyoulook’s channel. From there, she suggests looking at the comments to find “what the most memorable parts of the conversations that you’re having are,” and cutting those into short-form Instagram or TikTok posts.

Considering creators ranked lack of time as their #1 obstacle, it’s a big plus if you find low-touch ways to make ideas work across as many platforms as possible. And even coming up with that initial idea doesn’t have to be some massive lift. “I have fully made videos based off of one comment that I got, just because it just struck a nerve with me,” she says. “If you see any piece of communication as a potential piece of content, that can be a launchpad for evergreen content for you.”


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