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Are vertical videos and tweet ‘view count’ coming to Twitter?

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Twitter is testing a new View Count feature on some users’ tweets, which displays the total number of times that each of your tweets was seen in the app. A neat insight to be sure, but nothing you can’t access from your Twitter analytics.

If anything, it puts the metric – known as impressions – right out in the open. So now, instead of thinking people aren’t seeing your tweets and therefore aren’t engaging with them, you’ll know for sure – which should do wonders for your self-esteem. /s

Maybe, by knowing that you’re actually reaching a lot more people than the Like and Retweet figures suggest, the view count will help revise and refine your tweet approach to improve engagement and response.

Some users have also reported seeing profile view counts in the app as well. FYI, profile view data is also already available in your tweet analytics.​​


Vertical videos could be coming to Twitter – and they look eerily similar to TikTok

Another day means another opportunity for a leading social platform to steal inspiration from TikTok.

Twitter is making changes to its video media to allow for a more immersive, full-screen video format like we see with TikTok and IG Reels. The news was confirmed by Twitter on Thursday – and there’s talk about also adding the swipe-up feature so that users can scroll through more.

The vertical-first update is going to make viewing videos through the app a much more familiar experience. And it’s just like what we see when we go through Reels on Instagram or TikTok.

The changes are first coming to Twitter’s iOS users but will show in the Android app in a few weeks.​


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