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How reframing a POV can refine your social content strategy

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How do we create great content and strengthen our content strategy?

You need to understand not only your audience, but the way your content is perceived on and across social media channels. What are they looking to connect with? What are their pain points and how do you relieve them?

That’s not always easy – but reframing the focus through a strategic POV can help put the pieces together.

If you’re stuck, take it as a sign to hit reset and boil the content strategy down to the basics.

Generally speaking, social content falls into four categories: educational, engaging, entertaining, or empowering.

  1. Educational content. No matter if you’re talking to dads, CFOs, or digital marketers, they want content that’s going to educate them or provide answers they need.
  2. Engaging content. Create content that is engaging in nature, lures people in, or says something controversial. (Like Instagram being the best social media app)
  3. Entertaining content. Evoke an emotion. Whether it’s shock, anger, or laughter. Emotions keep your content be memorable.
  4. Empowering content. Create content that celebrates, showcases, or elevates other people. If you can empower other people with your own brand and voice, you have the opportunity to build your community because oftentimes, people will share it with their network.

As always, we’re here to help make content easier to understand – and the ruts a little easier to get out of – by keeping you in the loop on everything going on in the digital world.

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