Scheduling on Instagram

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Finally… scheduling on Instagram (natively!)

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Scheduling on Instagram has definitely been a long time coming. It’s a feature that’s going to make so many people’s lives easier. The news comes to us thanks to social media industry professional Matt Navarra who went public with the announcement through his Twitter status.

Whether it’s a post or a Reel on the app, scheduling on Instagram can be found in the advanced settings on the platform whenever you’re creating new content. I’ll be waiting impatiently for this one.

A look at scheduling on Instagram

Scheduling on Instagram

Instagram wants you to add a song to your profile

MySpace… is that you? This one’s for the nostalgic former teenagers out there.

Spotted by Allesandro Paluzzi, Instagram is reportedly working on a feature that allows users to add a song to their profiles, which can be played right then and there.

Better dust off your digital discography collection and queue up those branded tunes.


Instagram song profile

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