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Instagram AMA format rolling out to profiles? …and other updates

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1. Instagram AMA format could be adding an AMA feature

Instagram is finally giving us a way to connect directly with fans and audiences via the tried-and-true AMA format. Leaked by Alessandro Paluzzi, it’s still unclear how the feature will function – but we know it will appear as gray text on your profile bio with the prompt “Ask Me Anything.” Given the popularity of the Q&A format in stories, it’s not surprising Instagram would take this feature to profiles. We’ll keep you posted on if (when) it rolls out officially. 

2. Stories restricted to followers only

When posting Stories, this move would give you an option to make your Story only visible to those following you back. Some Stories are only meant for people that you know personally, but even so, it’s been notoriously difficult for users to obtain that level of following-to-follower privacy on Instagram. This could help that.

3. Ability to add music to photos

Instagram is providing users with another great chance to incorporate music into the whole in-app experience by giving users the option to add music to photos. I actually didn’t see this one coming. Or, maybe I did. Maybe it’s a twist on the TikTok photo swipe experience.

My question is: does this feature give you the same reach on your posts that it gives for reels? I actually haven’t seen anyone use it, and I’m hesitant to use it myself. Could be worth trying out with your next post


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