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Instagram is Testing New Ways to Show off Events

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Hard to believe we’re about to enter the second quarter of 2022. As we barrel towards earnings season, many “high-growth stocks are down 30% or more already this year, which can be tough to stomach,” reported The Motley Fool. 

Shares for Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms (FB -2.31%), are down 40% and it’s one of many tech/social giants that’ll be taking a hit this season. It begs the question:

What will Meta (and similar platforms) look like in a few years? 👀


Other news this week:

  • Several Apple Services went down Monday, affecting iMessage, Apple Music, App Store, and other services
  • Instagram is testing a new ways to show scheduled events
  • Twitter wants to let you share clips from Spaces 
  • Daylight savings time could be here to stay 

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Instagram tests ‘Scheduled’ sticker to share events via Stories

Spotted by social researcher Matt Navarra, this handy new feature will give creators another way to capture more eyes and remind followers about important upcoming events. Here’s what it looks like:

upcoming events

Facebook developing reactions for Reels

Ever since Instagram gave us the checkbox to “promote reels on Facebook,” Facebook has tried to keep up. So now Facebook is developing emoji-like reactions to Reels. 

Wordle has taken TikTok by storm

“Half the fun of playing Wordle is talking about it. Bragging about your streak, strategizing over which word to start with, analyzing the probabilities of letter combinations… There’s so much to discuss. It makes sense that playing Wordle has made its way to the highly engaging social media platform.”

Cecily Mauran | Mashable


Twitter tests ability to share audio clips from Spaces

With Twitter Spaces seeing rapid growth and adoption, it’s clear the audio content format is here to stay. Last week, Twitter announced that it’s testing the option to create audio clips of up to 30 seconds from Spaces chats in the app. 

For creators who have used (or are starting to use) Twitter Spaces as a platform to communicate with followers, you know how valuable this new feature is. Content = maximized 


what we’re keeping a pulse on

Instagram and Facebook have a TikTok now 

Instagram and Facebook have both officially launched TikTok accounts with content driving viewers back to their respective platforms. Is using competitor apps to promote your own content genius or not? One thing’s for certain: it looks like the master is back to being the student. 

Daylight savings time forever?

For all the creators who book your schedules a year out – first off, how? Second, you might need to adjust it to account for permanent daylight savings time.

“The US Senate has unanimously passed a bill to make daylight saving time permanent across the nation. The Sunshine Protection Act still has to face a vote in the House, but if it’s eventually passed that would mean an end to changing the clocks twice a year — and a potential end to depressing early afternoon darkness during winter.”


Nobody is above the (Meta) law

Instagram temporarily suspended Ye (formerly Kanye West) for violating its policies on bullying, harassment, and hate speech. It’s no secret IG has been cracking down on misinformation and inflammatory content.

Instagram’s Community Guidelines read: 

“We remove content that contains credible threats or hate speech, content that targets private individuals to degrade or shame them, personal information meant to blackmail or harass someone, and repeated unwanted messages.” 

Moral of the story? If you ever have to ask yourself, “Could I get suspended on Instagram for this?” The answer is – probably.