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NFTs are Finally Coming to Instagram

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Currently: Exploring web3.

Honest question: what do you know about web3 content? 

I know, I know: many of us are still on the fence about this whole crypto/web3/NFT thing. But like it or not, it’s coming, and I believe that as creators, it’s in our best interest to embrace the new technology (or at the very least, understand WHY someone would pay $15k for a JPG. I’ll touch on that soon.)  

More proof that web3 is inching closer to the mainstream: Instagram is finally testing NFTs on its platform. And unlike Twitter (which requires Twitter Blue subscription to use NFTs as your profile pic), the NFT feature will be totally free… for now. 

Call me crazy, but I think bringing NFTs into an image platform like IG might just work 

Here’s what else we’ve got this week: 

  • New LinkedIn content settings 
  • TikTok’s first-party tracking pixels (yay, advertisers)
  • Happy B-DAY, LinkedIn! 
  • CEX Recap: Our takeaways from Creator Economy Expo 

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New LinkedIn settings for a more “productive and engaging experience”

In a recent blog post, the company detailed how it plans to enhance features in order to provide users with the greatest feed experience possible. Members now have the following options:

  • More options to signal what they aren’t interested in
  • Settings for seeing less political content in your feed
  • Ability to identify what you’ll see more of in your feed

I’m personally here for these new content settings. It means less seeing the same 8 people in rotation on my feed, and more chances to discover/connect with fresh content and people. – Taylor


NFTs are coming to Instagram 

In the Head of Instagram’s words: “This week we’re beginning to test digital collectibles with a handful of US creators and collectors who will be able to share NFTs on Instagram that they have created or bought. There will be no fees associated with posting or sharing a digital collectible on Instagram.”

Instagram is clearly only opening this up to a handful of users for the time being to test out the use for creators, but I love the fact that the NFT is clearly tagged as well as the profile that created the NFT and the owner of the digital token.

As NFTs invade the socialverse, users, brands, and creators are going to get a front-row seat to the widespread rise of web3. Social giants are taking steps toward making web3 content more accessible to everyone – and this is just the start. If IG is testing NFTs (and they are), it’s only a matter of time until it rolls into Facebook — and then once it gains traction there, well…you get where I’m going with this.


TikTok takes a cue from Meta with new tracking pixels

We know all too well that Facebook and Instagram (Meta) are guilty of stealing TikTok’s formats and features, so it’s interesting to see TikTok taking a page from Facebook this time.

TikTok launched a feature to add first-party cookies to its site’s conversion pixels. If you’re advertising on TikTok, this means you’ll now be able track site activity and attribute ads across browsers.


Happy 19th birthday, LinkedIn

Yep – LinkedIn is now a slightly-less teenaged version of itself.

As The LinkedIn Man wrote in this birthday wishes post: “Not many appreciate its scale, roots, the journey it has taken and where it came from. Today LinkedIn has over 830 million users globally, with 30.8 million of those in the UK. It operates in over 200 countries, and has become the virtual equivalent of you (your digital business suit in many ways), and is used to validate your expertise, your impact, your value, and if you are the right person to help.”

So here’s to nearly two decades of LinkedIn discovering itself and (hopefully) many more to come as it serves up ways to help us connect in the professional world. 

ICYSM: Creator Economy Expo

CEX event recap

May 2-4, 2022 in Phoenix, AZ

Jon and Mike attended the Creator Economy Expo (CEX) event in Phoenix, Arizona last week. A lot was learned and connections to new friends and old were made. Below are the highlights from Mike:  

WHAT: CEX is a live expo forum for experts and up-and-comers to strategize about building followers, memberships & communities. Led by author & business entrepreneur Joe Pulizzi, the event attracted a unique network of content creators looking to grow their digital identities and businesses.

WHO: An all-star roster of content creators, authors, podcast personalities and industry leading experts shared their digital media success stories and (more importantly)…took the time to strategize with attendees on their own personal projects.

Notable takeaways:

The biggest takeaway was the collective understanding that the Web3 space is the future for content creators.

  • There was a heavy emphasis on introducing followers & communities using creator tokens (such as coins), NFTs, token-omics, podcasts, and ever-evolving utilities.
  • Whether it was a focused presentation or break-out session, Web3 was the tip of the conversation spear.

Events like this one serve one of two purposes: information or networking. It’s uncommon that there’s really an effective combination of both, but this year’s CEX event introduced Web3, NFTs, Creator Tokens, and DAOs.

While the structural foundation of Web3 is still in the early evolution stage, the adaptation among content creators, marketing experts & creative minds will be a critical step in breaking down the barriers to entry. Web3 is the future of content creation.