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R-Rated Content on TikTok?? & The Most Tweeted Emojis Worldwide

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Good evening (or morning), everyone!

It’s mid-July and on this side of the hemisphere, retail stores are already stocking spicy fragrances, back to school specials, and extra large mugs. It definitely feels too soon (and it is) but it’s a signal to start planning your seasonal content batch.

Ok, maybe planning is a stretch. Especially for small businesses and creators who adhere more of week-over-week timelines. But the lull of summer is soon to be over and the seasonal tide is about to turn, so even though it’s a little early to start planning — it’s not too early to start gathering ideas.

Here’s what we’ve got on tap this week:

  • Facebook tests an option to create multiple profiles
  • Instagram rolls out more features for subscribers only
  • TikTok offers a way to spot R-Rated content
  • Emoji trends in light of International Emoji Day
  • WTF is DALL-E?

Scroll down for all the details.

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Facebook is testing a multiple profile toggle

Tweeted by social researcher Matt Navarra, it looks like Facebook could be giving users ways to “show off a different side” with another profile. (Facebook has notoriously made it difficult to create multiple authentic profiles due to spam, bots, and other abuse issues).

The use cases with this new feature are a little foggy (in my mind, it ranges from amazingly efficient to downright creepy), but the value of toggling between multiple profiles based on identity or privacy preferences is certainly there.

Just think of all those times you’ve had to friend request your boss on Facebook just to get admin access to Business Manager or Ads Manager. Not me, of course…


Instagram rolls out more subscriber-only features

If you’re a content creator on Instagram, the latest update gives you more subscriber-only features — which means more ways to connect directly with your paying VIPs. These now include: subscriber-only chats, Reels, and posts. Use these features as a way to up your value for attracting new and existing subscribers.

Tip for creators: If you regularly create videos for tutorials, routines, tours, etc. — film the content full length at first and then divide it up to create the most value for your subscribers.

With one 5-minute video you can:

  • Post a snippet (or several) to your Reels
  • Add a carousel to your grid
  • Create Stories from both of the above
  • Publish the full length video for your subscribers only


You can now pay for products in Instagram DMs

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced today that the company is launching a new “payments in chat” feature on Instagram, which lets customers purchase products and track orders via DMs.

If you’re a small business selling on Instagram, you know it’s not uncommon for customers to chat about their orders via DMs. Now those customers will be able to pay directly within the Instagram chat thread.

“You can now buy products from small businesses and track your order in chat on Instagram in the US,” Zuckerberg said in the announcement post. “Pay with Meta Pay and checkout in a few taps.”


A new way to easily spot R-Rated content on TikTok

TikTok is launching a content ratings system to help users filter content more easily.

The “Content Levels” system will classify videos into different categories, similar to how movies, TV shows and video games are rated today. This should make it easier for users to find appropriate content for their viewing pleasure.


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Most tweeted emojis worldwide (International Emoji Day)

Yep, we’ve reached peak 21st century with International Emoji Day, which was on Sunday, July 17, 2022.

Take a look at Twitter’s top emoji rankings from Dec. 2021 (pictured above).

As Social Media Today puts it, emoji trends might’ve “shifted over the last year or so, with the pandemic causing a change in general sentiment. But in most cases, these are the most commonly used emoji characters.”



AI-generated images can either be the stuff of nightmares or one of the coolest uses of technology ever. For the future of content, it’s going to be a game changer.

To explain it simply: DALL-E (and its successor counterpart DALLE-2) is an artificial intelligence model that creates images from text input. It’s pretty much as awesome as it sounds.

You can test it out for yourself on DALL-E mini which uses the DALL-E AI model. In the screenshot below, I typed in a prompt: “a realistic ice cream cone surrounded by planets in space.” Here’s what I got:

I mean, it’s not wrong… As you can see, it still has a way to go. But the options are limitless (and tons of fun tbh).

If you’re a person who’s always hunting for imagery or stock photos, you need to keep DALL-E on your radar. It probably won’t be a mainstream tool for a while, but once the tech matures a bit and becomes more scalable for different platforms, the concept of AI-based image search is going to change the way we hunt for visuals.