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TikTok releases a slew of new video editing features

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I’m not exaggerating when I say this is quite literally the best video editing update to a social app that I’ve seen yet. TikTok has released a number of new tools to allow for more “advanced editing” directly in the app. 

TikTok video editing tool screensnap

Per TikTok: “To expand what’s possible with content on TikTok, we’ve introduced a range of enhanced creation and editing tools. Now available in the US and most regions globally, our new editing tools empower people to enjoy more creative freedom, share richer stories, and bring their content ideas to life across formats.”

Some key video editing features that come with the new update include: 

  • Edit clips: Stack, trim, and split video clips.
  • Edit sounds: Cut, trim, and set the duration for sounds.
  • Edit and position text: More easily edit, position, and set the duration for text.
  • Add overlays: Add photo and video overlays for picture-in-picture (or video-in-video) stacking.
  • Adjust video speed: Speed or slow the pace of video clips.
  • Frame content: Rotate or zoom in and out of frame of individual clips.
  • Add sound effects


ICYMI: TikTok is Superior When it Comes To Engagement

The engagement rates on TikTok are through the roof. Even more reason for your brand to be on the app.

A social analytics company called Rival IQ recently released data that shines light on the engagement rates that brands see on the app.

I dropped some industry-related stats below for you number-driven folks.

  • Companies offering higher education: 9.9%
  • Sports teams: 7.6%,
  • Non-profits at 6.4%.
  • Food and beverage companies: 4.5%

Now, if your business isn’t in these categories, don’t worry; the average engagement rate for all niches is still 4.1%, meaning if you haven’t started an account on the app… what are you waiting for?


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