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Twitter soundboard (that we’ll overuse) and new CTA options

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Did you hear that? Sounds like new reaction sounds for Twitter Spaces. For all iOS users the Twitter soundboard experiment is now live!

According to Twitter they will be looking closely at which sounds you are liking and using the most to see where hey’ll go next with this Twitter Soundboard feature. React away! (Can someone tell me what sound the kangaroo makes?)

twitter soundboards

Twitter rolls out a new Link Spotlight CTA option for profiles

Twitter Link Spotlight

The Link Spotlight allows professionals to display an interactive button on their account to drive potential customers to their preferred online spot. 

Enter your url and pair it with one of the Call to Action prompts included in a drop-down menu.

  • Listen now
  • See live
  • Watch now
  • Stream live
  • Read now
  • View Menu
  • Book an appointment
  • Make a reservation

It’s similar to the CTA button for business accounts on Instagram, but i think offers a ton more versatility for users. You can still choose to have a link tree on your bio, but if there’s something you want to pop out at users when they see your profile use it.

Currently, you can only add links from approved sites, find the list in the link below.


Twitter brings more vertical video to feed (Spoiler alert: No one likes it)

We warned you about this, but it looks like it’s here to terrorize Twitter users already. Of course, vertical video is the new “it girl” on every platform (even Pinterest).

Twitter recently brought an Instagram-like reels feed to the app. The unlimited scrolling that can be done on Instagram and TikTok now exists in the iOS app.

Of course, the uproar is loud, with people claiming that it takes away from the authenticity of the app and the uniqueness of Twitter by being a blatant copy of TikTok. I can’t see videos taking over Twitter in entirety, but it’s not a crazy thing to see another app jumping on the video trend.


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