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Instagram tests new Notes feature and multiple links in bio

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Instagram Notes

Instagram’s test of a new feature that lets you post a text note to your followers appears to be getting a wider rollout.

When available, the feature displays in the messages section of the app, below the search bar. The prompt in the text bar reads: “Share what’s on your mind…People won’t be notified when you leave a note. They can see your note for 24 hours and reply with a message.”  Notes can be up to 60 characters in length.

Instagram Screenshot showing a text box to write a note.

This feature is intended to be a less obtrusive way of pushing out information. At the moment, users can only post one note at a time and if they do so before the previous note’s 24 hours have passed, the existing note will be automatically deleted.

The fact that these notes disappear in 24 hours make them seem a lot like text-based versions of Instagram Stories, which typically revolve around photos and videos rather than text. 

As with all these features, it’ll be interesting to see how Instagram’s user base makes use of the notes feature. Will individuals and businesses use it for practical purposes, to update on closed times or are we looking at the next canvas for some good old-fashioned flirting/sh#tposting? I know which option I’m betting on. 


You’ll soon be able to add multiple links to your IG bio 

Instagram has always restricted creators to a single link in their profile’s bio descriptions. To work around that, we’ve used a multi-link landing page (think LinkTree or to give us the option to add multiple links in one spotify.

Things may be finally changing on Instagram – you’ll soon be able to stack multiple links directly in your bio. I would warn against putting too many links in your bio as it may make your page look messy, but if you have 2 or 3 important links you want to direct people straight to, this could be a good option for you.

On that note, Meta did confirm that Instagram is definitely in the process of rolling out the test but they have not specified who has access to it or when it will roll out more broadly.


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