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The Sauce: New Flavor Releases and Marketing Inspiration

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We’ve got all the new flavor updates this week, from Spotify jumping into the video podcasting game to Meta announcing Instagram Reels as their top performer.

But before we get into it here’s some inspo for you to stew on.

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What’s the difference?

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Instagram is testing pinned posts & edit grid options

On pretty much any platform, you have the option to pin the creative you want visitors to see first to the top of your profile. Instagram is catching up and testing a feature that will allow users to highlight individual posts to the top of their profile grid.

To me, the even more exciting option that the update offers is the ability to edit and rearrange your Instagram grid to your aesthetic liking.


Twitter is (finally) testing an option to tweet GIFs and images together


This one is for the Twitter lurkers like me, always forgetting when I go to compose an award-winning tweet that this obvious feature doesn’t exist… until now! Spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi:


Stop posting TikToks to Reels! (+ our fav tools for removing watermarks)

Instagram has been warning creators not to repost TikTok content to IG Reels (at least not with the TikTok watermark) — but now the platform is actively demoting non-native content.

With the new update, content that isn’t created directly in the Instagram app will be buried in the rankings. Instagram is giving creators more ways to get discovered with IG native content through “enhanced tags,” among other measures.

As a content-first company ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to recreate the same video for each platform. Repurposing is vital — so here’s our tip: Copy and paste your video link to one of these websites, and viola, you have a polished video to reversion to the platform of your choice.

Speaking of Reels… Need a little more time to share your thoughts on Instagram? Now you have the chance to do that in 90 seconds. (Credit Matt Navarro)

Twitter users grew by 12 million last quarter, but revenue disappointed

Amid the swirling storm that is Elon Musk’s pending takeover of Twitter (won’t recap, but catch some saucy headlines here and here), Twitter shared its latest Q1 performance update in a form that breaks from convention. It’s a verbose word document, lacking the colorful charts and data visualizations of past quarters.

The report is dense, but I recommend checking out this thoughtful recap by Social Media Today, which adds, “On the revenue front, Twitter brought in $1.2 billion for the quarter, a 16% year-over-year increase, which is down on expectations.”

Other highlights:

  • Subscription revenue decreased 31% year-over-year
  • Given the pending Musk deal, Twitter is staying tight-lipped
  • It’s not giving any guidance & has withdrawn all previous statements of goals and future expectations


fresh formats

Spotify activating Video Podcasts for Creators

Spotify has been making waves in the podcast industry since they first announced their intention to branch out into video podcasts.

Adding visual components to podcasts has allowed creators to connect deeply with their fans, and the growing catalog of video podcasts is proof that this format is here to stay. As Spotify continues to grow its presence in the podcast industry, we can only imagine how it will continue to innovate and enhance the listening experience for all.


what we’re keeping a pulse on

Meta declares Reels as the most popular feature of IG

According to a recent study, Instagram users spend 20% of their time on the app scrolling through reels. That’s a lot of time spent watching people lip-sync…and as TikTok’s biggest competitor, we’re expecting Instagram to continue to up their game with reels.