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IG Reels Just Got a Ton of Updates & What You Need To Know if You Plan to Launch an NFT

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Evening friends! Hope you had a jubilant weekend

I’ve been thinking a lot about how digital culture is barreling toward a decentralized future. As creators and digital entrepreneurs, I think we’re especially attuned to it. Believe me when I say that I know the underlying nuances of words like “crypto” and “web3” and yes, “NFT.”

And I’m not the only one:

I don’t think people realise just how incredibly bad crypto’s image is to the “outside world”

They all think that we’re destroying the planet, that every single crypto (inc. ETH & BTC) is a scam, that no value is being generated, and that it should all be completely banned.

— sassal.eth

(@sassal0x) June 4, 2022

IMO, the best thing a digital creator can do is stay educated. The more we can learn, experiment, and just have fun while doing it, the more natural the crossover into web3 will be.

Here’s what’s in this issue:

  • What people want in the metaverse
  • Instagram Reels get a slew of new tools
  • Elon threatens to scrap Twitter deal over bot problems
  • Twitter works on more features for ‘Communities’
  • COO Sheryl Sandberg makes her Facebook exit
  • A guide I wrote on how to launch an NFT collection

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happenings in the metaverse

A recent study by GWI published on Social Media Today includes a guide of helpful graphics to visualize user trends in the metaverse. 

Key takeaway? People want to do a whole lot more than just shopping. Of course, entertainment will always be one of the top draws of VR in the metaverse — whether that’s watching TV, live events, or playing video games. 

The study showed 1 in 4 metaverse potentials are interested in simply exploring what it has to offer. “For brands and agencies looking to craft effective metaverse experiences, piquing audience curiosity might just be how to keep them engaged,” it said.


the socialverse

The latest social media news, tips, and platform updates you need to know as a content creator and digital entrepreneur.

Instagram Reels get a slew of new tools

This is all a big update for IG creators. It gives more ways to get discovered, extend reach, and grow audiences — so take note.

Per an official announcement from Meta, Instagram is rolling out a number of new creative tools and features over the coming weeks with the goal of making it “easier than ever to create, edit and schedule Reels.”

Expect things like:

  • Interactive poll, quiz and emoji slider stickers
  • Video length extended to 90 seconds
  • Custom audio imports directly within Reels
  • Broader rollout of Reel templates
  • On Facebook, ‘suggested’ reels are coming to users’ Feeds globally


Elon threatens to scrap Twitter deal over bot problems

Could it be? Is the Elon Musk takeover finally on the outs? He says Twitter is in “clear material breach” of their $44 billion acquisition deal and that he could “terminate” the agreement in response.

According to a letter his team sent to Twitter today, Musk claims Twitter has failed to provide him with information on the service’s spam bot problem and that he’s entitled to receive that information under the deal agreement.

For now, Twitter users can expect more of the same from the platform. With the way things are going, it’s unlikely we’ll see any EM-related changes take effect soon.


Twitter works on more features for ‘Communities’

Speaking of Twitter, the platform really wants to make ‘Communities’ a thing but the response from Twitter users and creators is still fairly mixed. At any rate, Twitter is pushing on and is continuing to build features for ‘Communities,’ including now the ability to sort between ‘Latest’ or ‘For you.’


what we’re keeping a pulse on

COO Sheryl Sandberg to leave Meta Platforms (Facebook)

Sheryl Sandberg is stepping down as second-ranking executive and COO of Meta Platforms after 14 years. During her time at the company, she helped scale Facebook into the social media juggernaut it is today. Javier Olivan will take over as COO in a more traditional role.

This change consolidates power under Mark Zuckerberg’s control. So…. yeah. There’s that to look forward to.

To quote Matt Navarra: “Sandberg has been more than a standard COO. She was the ‘adult supervision’ (to borrow a phrase from Google history) that helped Mark Zuckerberg turn Facebook from a scrappy startup into the behemoth we know today.”


Curious about launching an NFT project?
I wrote a detailed guide for other creators

If I had a coin for everyone who’s asked me to explain NFTs this year, I’d have a lot of coin content to discuss.

Here’s the thing: NFTs can seem intimidating, but they’re actually pretty accessible once you know what to look for. And they’re quickly becoming a lucrative way for creators and artists to share their content and message. This guide is our team’s personal notebook on how we developed a successful NFT collection. Because it’s been organized, categorized, and broken down meticulously into a wiki-style guide, we figured the price of a few cups of coffee could help offset the time and effort in exchange for forever-access to the whole thing.

It’s currently available for $29 with half off using the code SAUCE06

(for those who wish to access the guide but are otherwise unable to pay, please let me know)