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The Pinterest algorithm is getting better

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We updated you guys last week on the fact that Pinterest is dropping a TikTok-esque style of vertical videos paired with trending audio very soon. New features aside, it’s clear Pinterest is making new plays to entice us all.

Pinterest has seen a rise in engagement and usage, and there may be a good reason for that. In essence, the Pinterest algorithm engineering team has improved their systems to take in more recent user actions in the app, which then makes the recommendations that it provides more relevant – thus improving Pinner engagement. (Creators have a lot of algorithms to manage content for right now.)

Which, of course, makes perfect sense, but it is interesting to note in a Pin-specific context.

Pinterest explains that it uses the most recent 100 user actions as a measure to determine individual interest, but it’s recently updated its process to refresh this data more frequently than it had been.

In short: Pinterest has improved its algorithm by refreshing its data more often, making its Pin recommendations more relevant, and prompting more engagement actions. Pinterest can then factor those engagement actions into its process, which then further improves each users’ individual experience.



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Pinterest has officially launched real-time analytics elements within Pin Analytics on mobile, which will provide more data on exactly how your Pins are performing at any given time. It could be a helpful guide for your Pin strategy.

Real-time insights are powerful. But be careful to not let them lead you to knee-jerk reactions, switching your plans and content around before they have time to gain traction. These insights will give you valuable guide notes for your strategy, which could help you make more informed decisions on your Pin process.


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