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Q1 Earnings, TikTok overtakes Snapchat & Elon Raises More Eyebrows

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Earnings season has arrived and it’s a quarterly celebration for digital marketers like us. Okay, ‘celebration’ might be a strong word, but it’s an occasion to pay attention to nonetheless. 

Every few months, major publicly traded companies like Meta, Twitter, Apple, etc. release their earnings reports and it’s important for digital entrepreneurs for a few reasons.

In addition to painting a broader picture of new features and updates in the tech world (important for social media creators), earnings reports show which platforms have declining active users, which are becoming cheaper for ads, and what the outlook for the future holds. 

We’ll have more to report on next week, but for now, just know that this is why all those big companies are appearing in your news headlines. 

Here’s what else we’ve got this week: 

  • Twitter has rolled back a change that left blank spaces in place of deleted embedded tweets
  • TikTok overtakes Snapchat as the most popular app for teens 
  • Elon Musk raises more questions about Twitter’s approach

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creator pro tips

A quick (and free) way to transcribe audio

A personal favorite, this tip bypasses the need for third-party transcription tools like and Rev. It’s especially useful for transcribing audio when you need to see it written down and for collecting usable content for your business. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the video or audio in one window on your computer
  2. Open word or google docs in another window
  3. Put the windows side by side and play the video/audio
  4. In Microsoft Word or Google Docs, select the ‘dictate’ option (or microphone button) to listen and type your text

Now go forth and impress yourself.

the socialverse

The latest social media news, stories, and updates we’re keeping a pulse on.  

LinkedIn newsletters now available for Company Pages

ICYMI: A few weeks ago, LinkedIn made newsletters available to all brands with company pages. This is big news because up until recently, only individual “personal” pages have been able to publish newsletters through LinkedIn (more on our experience with LinkedIn newsletters here). 

The new update is a big deal for company pages looking to grow or nurture an audience with regular communication. When used, the newsletter function will send notifications for Page followers for newsletter updates, making it an easy way to notify your audience. We tried it for ourselves just last week and will keep you updated on what we find. 

According to LinkedIn, here’s how newsletters can help grow and strengthen your community:

  • Drive immediate reach with an automatic, one-time notification to your Page followers when you create your Newsletter and by sharing your content outside of LinkedIn to increase viewership.
  • Sustain an engaged community of opt-in subscribers with on-platform and email notifications when new content is published.
  • Communicate with a free, native solution that makes it easier than ever to draft and publish long-form content.


Twitter will once again show deleted tweet text on embedded tweets

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the platform has restored a change that altered how deleted tweets were displayed when embedded on websites. See below: 

Screenshot by The Verge

Now, rather than leaving a blank space in place of the deleted tweets, the site will revert to displaying original text.

“After considering the feedback we heard, we’re rolling back this change for now while we explore different options,” Twitter spokesperson Remi Duhé said to The Verge. “We appreciate those who shared their points of view — your feedback helps us make Twitter better.”


TikTok overtakes Snapchat as the most popular app for Gen Z

In its 43rd semi-annual survey of teens, Piper Sandler reported that TikTok has finally surpassed Snapchat as the most popular app for Gen Z. Not surprising – considering TikTok has been downloaded en masse over the course of its short-lived existence in the U.S. 

The survey confirms what most of us already know: “TikTok is the favorite social media platform (33% share) surpassing Snapchat for the first time (31%); Instagram was again third (22%).” 


what we’re keeping a pulse on

Could Elon Musk shape the future of Twitter? 

“Now, we’re in this new reality, where Musk’s voice could hold significant sway in the company’s future direction… In a late night flurry of tweets on Saturday night, Musk noted that:

Musk’s array of ideas could certainly cause some headaches, and planning restructures within Twitter HQ.”

By Andrew Hutchinson | Social Media Today