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Twitter Brings Keyword Research To DM’s | 3D Ads For Metaverse

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You know how we all love GIFs? They aren’t just fun to watch – they’re actually great for your business. They’re more interesting and relatable than static images and are an all-around great way to stand out. More importantly: customers/clients love them. 

This month, Steve Wilhite, the beloved computer scientist and inventor of the GIF passed away. As written in his obituary, “anyone trying to save or copy an image on a computer has Stephen Wilhite to thank for the technology that makes it possible.” We couldn’t agree more. 

But while we can all argue over the semantics of how to pronounce the word “GIF,” let’s just remember: the Oxford Dictionary isn’t always right. 😉

Gif story Steve Wilhite

In other news:

  • Twitter brings keyword search to DMs
  • Meta inks partnership for 3D ads in a step toward the metaverse
  • The slap heard across the social verse

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the social verse

The latest social media news, stories, and updates we’re keeping a pulse on.

Instagram tests full-frame vertical feed 

We had this one on our bingo card. In another TikTok copycat move, Instagram appears to be experimenting with a full-frame vertical scrolling feed for the main feed. Spotted by social researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

Instagram full frame vertical feed

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a landing page for your brand

LinkedIn released a one-sheeter overview of its second annual ‘Spark’ conference, which featured a range of speakers on key topics designed to help LinkedIn members maximize their success. We had to bookmark the branding bit: 

Build your personal brand with Linkedin

Twitter brings keyword search to DMs

@TwitterSupport tweeted: 

We know you’ve been waiting for the option to search your DMs… Now you can use the search bar in your inbox to find specific messages using keywords and names.”


what we’re keeping a pulse on

Meta inks partnership for 3D ads in a step toward the metaverse

According to Reuters: “Meta Platforms Inc (FB.O) will make it easier for brands to run three-dimensional ads on its Facebook and Instagram social media platforms through a new partnership with an e-commerce technology firm.” 


And finally…

A moment of silence to remember the slap heard across the socialverse… 
A moment of silence to remember the slap heard across the socialverse
Will Smith – Slap