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A Twitter screenshots prompt and the Elon Musk deal saga

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This week: Elon Musk is reversing his decision to reverse his decision to buy Twitter. And what’s up with blocking screenshots?

After months of trying to wriggle out of his original deal, Musk has once again proposed buying Twitter at $54.20 per share—the same price he agreed to pay back in April.

Elon Musk has an explanation for his screeching Twitter Uno Reverse… And he’s calling it ‘X.’

Let me explain. With Elon Musk and Twitter (maybe?) close to ending their legal battle, Musk is hinting at his vision for Twitter – that buying Twitter would accelerate the creation of an “everything app” called X.

An “everything app” isn’t a new concept. Better known as a “superapp,” these apps integrate pretty much everything you need into your life, including social media, payments, gaming, and the most necessary of all features… food delivery. WeChat in China is an example of one of the most well-known “superapps” with an estimated 900+ million daily active users.

Musk signaled his intentions of building a WeChat clone before, telling Twitter staff this summer that if they can recreate WeChat with Twitter, “We’ll be a great success.”

One thing to keep in mind… The Twitter deal hasn’t closed just yet, the judge presiding over the trial is still prepping for a potential Oct. 17 start date.


Twitter popups try to block screenshots

Why do the social powers that be make cross-posting content to multiple platforms so… challenging? 

Instagram has notoriously tried to take measures to discourage cross-posting to TikTok and Instagram – Pinterest has done the same by showing users a ‘Pin It’ option when a screenshot is taken. Now, Twitter is following suit by prompting users to hit the share button when it detects them taking screenshots.

Users are complaining it’s impossible to get rid of the popup after it appears.

It’s not clear when the new pop-ups began showing up for some, but it’s obviously Twitter’s way of asking, no telling, people to not share content in a manner that does not directly bring traffic to the service. At the moment, the popup is only visible on its iOS version, though an Android implementation is expected to follow suit.



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