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YouTube Updates, BeReal Copycats, and Original Audio

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This week, Adobe conducted research on approximately 5,000 emojis for their annual emoji trend. The report itself is 111 pages long… but I won’t make you sift through that. Here’s my favorite takeaway:

Make your digital marketing friendlier, funnier, and cooler with emojis.

Emojis have become essential to our communication. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, emojis just might be worth a little more.

Convey your brand’s personality, communicate feelings, and add a dash of color in your email, social media post, or blog this week.

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YouTube Update Roundup

A few key updates for you this week from YouTube:

YouTube Shorts are now showing up in Google searches. We love repurposing our content over from TikTok & Instagram to this platform, and now that Google is indexing YouTube shorts in search results, I’d recommend adding keywords into your captions so you show up more often in search results. The same goes for TikTok, as seen in the image, your videos might start showing up in shorts results.

YouTube’s also added a new way for creators to engage with their community via Shorts, with an option to create a Shorts clip based on a comment posted on your videos.

As you can see in this example, the new option will provide a quick link to create a Short from a posted comment, which will then transfer that comment to a sticker within the Shorts camera, and from there you can record your video.

This feature is similar to Tiktok & just recently Instagram’s reply feature, and is only available on the iPhone app at the moment.


Discord announces forums for old-school posting

Discord has grown to become a primary social hub for the Internet, serving as a host for conversation on everything from NFT communities to Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

Discord’s take on forums is interesting; it allows users to create forums inside their existing Discord channels. These forums allow users to create individual, distinct topics that remain visible to public view. It seems like a hefty expansion on Discord’s existing threads feature, which creates sub-channels that can be designated for specific topics.


TikTok Taking A Turn To Copy Now?

TikTok’s new update “TikTok now” is Be-really familiar…

It appears as if Instagram is not the only one to hop onto the daily image-sharing trend… If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, I covered it here.

The new feature will ask users to take a photo from their phone’s front and back cameras at a random time of day. he other option is to put up a 10-second video to inform friends about your daily chores or routine. Everyone on the app will get a randomly-timed notification with a very small and discreet window to share their details.

TikTok Now promises “a whole new creative experience” and will offer users the ability to share their posts with the wider world, although it will be limited to friends by default.


what we’re keeping a pulse on

Creative Ways To Use BeReal in Your Marketing

BeReal is blowing up… Sure, it’s 27 million downloads still need to catch up to TikTok’s 3 billion, but the app has taken off in the last couple months, meaning it’s time to test the app out for your brand.

BeReal’s term and conditions restrict using the app for commercial filters, as they’re trying to “Be as Real” as possible. No filters, edits, influencer culture, or ads.

So how do you show off your brand on an app the prohibits direct marketing?

Get smart about it like Chipotle. Accentuate the app’s lowkey vibe. Do a cute giveaway like they did. Stay authentic.

The article below highlights 4 more ways you can market (without marketing) on BeReal. We’ll break them down for you.

1. Post behind-the-scenes shots

Utilize the 2 camera feature with a selfie of you as well as BTS. Show off meetings, events, and office life. People love to see behind the camera.

2. Build a community for Gen Z consumers

Prioritize community building. Around 65% of Gen Z consumers are more confident while using community-focused social media platforms such as Twitch and Discord than when using timeline-driven apps such as Instagram and Twitter. As a community-driven app, BeReal is perfect for attracting Gen Zer’s

3. Be relatable and aware of the pulse of the people

Marketers can use BeReal to reach out to their customer base while being as authentic as possible. Being relatable becomes easier when companies and customers are on the same footing. In this case, a platform that solely allows photos unfiltered or unedited.

4. Entice others with user-generated content (UGC)

BeReal’s unfiltered, unedited content allows customers to engage with brands via UGC. This direct engagement indicates the strength of an effective social strategy in which their community is not only engaged, but also accessible to other consumers. UGC can help a brand keep a steady buzz long after a campaign has ended.


trending sauce

Original audio is trending — so create your own for TikTok!

TikTok is a sound-on app. No one gets on TikTok to silently scroll through their feed. The app has helped songs blow up over night and even brought back some oldies but goodies… (Running Up That Hill playing on repeat still?)

Brands have begun to pick up on the fact that a good song paired with good content can make your video go viral. Think about it like this, if your video is a car, the music is the wheels that will take it to more phone screens.

McDonald’s teamed up with rapper TisaKorean to create a beat that users are saying sounds like what Sprite tastes like: TV static.

Elf Cosmetics went viral with their audio paired with their “pore primer” product.

This one’s only a couple days old but with #chewthevibes, Trident asked Chloe Bailey to create a sound with gum chewing as part of the beat. (Misophonia triggered…)

FWIW, I’ve seen multiple audios go viral just from a funny phrase someone said while talking in their video… so get out there! Start your own audio trend.