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AI vs dating apps & NFTs come to Instagram

Loves to write, loves to research, and loves the performance of all things social & blog strategy.

I love creative takes on the regular old billboard.

So when I saw this traffic-stopping billboard spotted in the streets of São Paulo, I had to share. At first glance, it looks like the poster melted in the sun, but of course… it’s been touched by the fiery breath of a dragon:

HBO’s House of the Dragon is a huge success — and has spawned some FIRE marketing stunts. Sure, HBO has already spent more on marketing the show than any other before. (More than $100 million.)

They’ve also had the largest audience of any new original series in HBO’s history, so maybe it’s paying off. I’m one of the 20 million viewers weekly.

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You Can Now Post Your NFT to Instagram and Facebook

We knew this was coming, but Meta has been doubling down on NFTs, and the integration is finally officially out. You can connect your digital wallet using the steps outlined above. You’re also able to share the same NFT post to Facebook.

The NFT posts will feature “a shimmer effect and can display public information, such as a description. As well as owner and creator info.”

Artists began posting their NFT creations on Instagram long before the platform began supporting them. So the company has been trying to cash in by making a long-term roadmap for creator support.

We tested it:


Meta Plans to Bring Paid Features To The App

Meta is building “possible paid features” for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Meta isn’t alone in offering paid features. TikTok, Twitter, Telegram, Snapchat, and Discord already have the option.

I had hoped this paid option would give me a button to eliminate ads. However, the VP of Meta’s monetization said the company is still committed to growing its ads business and had no plans to let people pay to turn off ads in its apps.

“I think we see opportunities to build new products, features, and experiences that people would be willing to pay for and be excited to pay for,” he said.


Instagram tests a repost feature — just like TikTok… again

Called out by Matt Navarra on IG CEO Adam Mosseri’s profile, the feature (still in beta) is billed as a “new way to share with followers.”

Users would be able to “recommend” content they think their followers would enjoy — not only by sharing it to their story, but also posting it on their own feed. Followers can reply to the repost with a message.

Kudos for the innovation, Instagram! /s


TikTok Users Will Now Be able to View Who’s Seen Their Posts

The feature can be turned off by simply going through the app settings, unlike other social media platforms, such as Instagram or Facebook, that you have to keep on.

It’s nice to see an option that keeps users’ privacy at the top of the priority list. However, you have limited time to collect your user data because the list is only available for seven days on each post.READ MORE

YouTube To Give you More Insight into Your Videos

YouTube is introducing new products for learning and education as well as some new analytics options coming to Creator Studio. These will provide more data on what your audience is interested in based on their search and engagement activity and how they interact with different topics across the app. 
You’ll also be able to see what people are searching for in the app in relation to your niche and top trending topics.

Here are some of the new insights:

Watch Activity: “Currently, Search Insights on desktop only shows what viewers are searching for, but now, we’re adding ‘Watch ’ for a topic. Creators can now review the top, rising, or recent videos in a topic so you can get a sense for what’s new.”This could fill a big hole in your content research because search insights are a crucial discovery process in the app. Many people tap from clip to clip without entering a specific search term. Knowing what’s grabbing and keeping attention could add valuable depth to your strategic approach.

Related watch activity: “This data will show related elements of interest on a given topic, which could help guide your strategic planning around what to create next to maximize appeal with your audience.”

Similar to keyword searching, you’ll be able to view your content gaps similar to videos you’ve already created, which can help you with content ideation in a strategic way. Personalized Insights: In my opinion, an essential feature in this insight is the option to view if your video has been saved. Saves are a strong indicator of interest and push your videos forward in the algorithm. This insight will hopefully give you some ammunition to better your videos.


YouTube Introduces New Opportunities for Education Content Creators

Speaking of YouTube, the platform announced last week that it’s working on a suite of new products for learning and education. We likely won’t see a full rollout until next year, but here’s what’s coming: 

YouTube Player for Education: A new YouTube embedded player that shows content on commonly used education apps without distractions like ads, external links or recommendations. 

YouTube Courses: These aim to make learning more interactive on YouTube. Next year, YouTube will start inviting qualified creators to test free or paid Courses that provide in-depth, structured learning experiences for viewers. 


sh%t AI bots say

Fighting Dating App Scammers With…Bots?

Dating apps might not be social media, but they are a type of social network. They also gather much more sensitive data to help match singles together. This app figured out how to match those untrustworthy people in a hilarious way. Scammers stole $541 million from their “crush” in 2021 alone.

Tinder Swindler on Netflix showed us…scammers on these apps shouldn’t be taken lightly. Many apps will block scammers’ profiles from using the app, but the scammers always recreate a profile to make their way back in.

The team at video dating site Filter Off decided to take a novel approach:

Every detected scammer got added to a side-pool of profiles that contained chatbots that normal users didn’t see, only people who the algorithm had determined as scammers.

“The funny part is, two things happen. One, the scammers will run into bots, but they’ll also run into other scammers trying to scam each other,” laughs Weinreich. “They are like, ‘I want $40 For a Google Play gift card,’ and the other scammer replies ‘no, no, you give a gift card to me, ‘ and they just kept arguing. It’s just this hilarious thing, where currently, in our app, we have probably over 1,000 scammers that I know of that are actively talking to just bots or other scammers. It’s great. They’re wasting their time, and they don’t ever talk with our real users.”

The platform does have report and block features where real users can report potential scammers. When reported, the team improves their algorithm and manually places the scammers in the bots pool.

“The funniest bit about our report feature is the number of reports I get from scammers reporting that they’re talking to a bot. And I’m like, ‘yeah, I know, that’s the point,” shrugs Weinreich.

It’s a hilarious feature that deserves its spotlight.


trending sauce

TikTok Audio Trends

Unholy — Sam Smith — This audio and trend have taken over TikTok, with people either acting out the audio or just syncing it to videos of their products that are so good they’re “unholy.” 

It’s a problem when I do it — Based on the song ‘Back End’ by Finesse2Tymes, specifically the lyrics, “It’s cool when they do it, it’s a problem when I do it.”

Users participating in the trend lip sync along to these lyrics while using the viral ‘Police Runner’ filter, which green-screens the user’s head onto the body of an animated person running away from a police car. Creators have used it to make fun moments of hypocrisy from the people around them, joking about all the things that they ‘aren’t allowed’ to do.