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How to Make Your Instagram Stories More Engaging

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As a content creator, algorithms fascinate me. How and why does some content go viral while others flop?

Of course, a lot of it has to do with posting relatable, shareable, exceptional content, but sometimes you spend excessive time creating something, only to have your hopes die when it gets four views.

Before platforms started using algorithms, most social media feeds displayed posts in reverse chronological order. (The newest posts from accounts you followed showed up first.)

But now, the algorithm takes the reins when it comes to what content your followers see first. Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and even Twitter will recommend content based on your previous behavior.

Spoiler alert: algorithms aren’t perfect — far from it. They’re constantly being changed to make up for glitches, and there are plenty of instances where content is hidden despite being optimized for your audience.

As a result, we creators have to consistently adapt. We’ve become good at constant experimentation with our content and marketing strategies. It isn’t easy, but it’s most definitely worth it. 

And sometimes, it pays not to overthink the algorithm. Create. Go with your gut. And most importantly, publish it.

Anna Klawitter
Editor | The SAUCE

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Here’s Why Your IG Feed Might Look So Different

I understand the logic of it, but there’s a strong scent of desperation here.

It’s not an app glitch. It’s just a strangely TikTok-esque update.

While it hasn’t officially rolled out, many users are noticing a new home feed upon opening the app: the all too familiar 9:16 ratio scroll style. Think the full-screen look of reels but for every single post, including the cute, square photos of your cat.

In an effort to give a full-screen look to the app and eliminate blank space, the home feed is also in permanent dark mode. Don’t @ me, but I’ve always been a light-mode girl myself.

With Mosseri announcing the app has rid itself of IG video uploads in lieu of focusing solely on reels for video content, the update to some may only make sense. To others, the feed was quickly met with complaints of increased ads and retorts of if they wanted TikTok, they’d open TikTok.

What’s this mean for creators? Even if you don’t have the new feed, your followers just might.

I recommend completely avoiding horizontal & square posts. Opt for 5:4 cropping on your images, and when possible, film video content and post a reel! (Don’t know where to start? Scroll down for trends you can steal.)


Keep Your IG Stories Engaging

On that note…The new feed will mean stories will become more vital to your engagement than ever. Follow these tips to keep them interesting.

  1. Use a Storyboard
  2. Stay in the lines
  3. Create a style-guide
  4. Use your brand fonts and colors
  5. Incorporate photography
  6. Take boomerangs
  7. Add a text-shadow
  8. Create design elements with symbols
  9. Access even more colors
  10. Give your text a rainbow or ombre effect
  11. Create background effects
  12. Use stickers and gifs
  13. Show users how to access more content
  14. Create branded highlight covers
  15. Start With a Template


Twitter to Launch ‘Status Updates’

Soon you’ll have the ability to add a status to your tweet from the range of the default options. The updates could eliminate the need for emojis that take up those coveted characters.

When someone posts a tweet with an activity indicator, you’ll be able to tap on it and see all the other tweets that have been categorized in the same way.

I might be adding my rather late but witty comebacks that I only seem to devise in the shower under ‘Shower thoughts.’


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Microsoft Rolling Out Viva Engage

Microsoft announces Viva Engage, a new social app to launch later this summer within its Teams products. The app gives employees the option to share stories of their work similar to what you see on Snapchat or Instagram. Well, maybe not the usual of your happy hour moments or your OOTD.

Microsoft describes the new app as a “social app for digital communities, conversations, and self-expression tools.” Microsoft hopes the service will help liven up remote work and foster new connections between employees.

With Linkedin’s story feature quickly shut down and Twitter decidedly bailing on them not shortly after, they’re not exactly early to the idea. I have great hopes for the app, albeit I’ll stay a bit skeptical.


YouTube rolling out a new shopping feature?

YouTube is teaming up with Shopify to provide a seamless shopping experience for both viewers and creators. Creators can now link their store on the YouTube channel, giving them more opportunities to showcase products within their videos.

YouTube’s new features are an attempt to make the platform more than just a place for watching videos. I’m all for it if it means yet another platform to satisfy my need for retail therapy. 🙂


the trending SAUCE

Welcome to the newest segment on the SAUCE. Every week we’ll drop the latest social viral trends — music, audio, challenges, templates, and more. We’re like your TikTok besties, performing the dances and finding the sounds so you don’t have to.

(But really — save these! We caught them early for you.)

Trending IG Audios

  • How many are there? Use this audio paired with a video of you or your brand offering asking, “How many of ____ are necessary?” All of them, right?
  • Insta vs. Reality. Use this audio and sync two videos showcasing your life as seen on Insta vs. what’s actually going on. This is a fun one.
  • Watch this. This trend is for all of you who want the haters to know they better keep an eye out.
  • The phone’s ringing. Have someone who’s always declining your calls? It’s my mom, for me. This audio is for you.