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Viral (But Cringe Level 1000) Linkedin Posts Anyone?

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Good evening, creators –

The iPhone of your dreams exists and you can design it.

If you aren’t satisfied with the design changes coming to iPhone 14 this year, there’s a new website that will let you take matters into your own hands. Creative developer Neal Agarwal has crafted a new website that lets you build the iPhone of your dreams, whether it’s adding new ports, changing the colors, or adding wild new accessories.

Picking the dream color for your new phone has to be my favorite feature. Or creating a cartoon face as seen above…yes I created it myself.

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TikTok is testing a new ‘Nearby’ feed to display local content

TikTok is testing a new ‘Nearby’ feed that is designed to display local content to users. The new feed is being tested with select users in Southeast Asia. When the feature (hopefully) rolls out to your area, you’ll be able to choose to have your video show up in this separate feed by adding location to your video.

I think this new service is going to be a handy tool for people in the area and visitors alike. Looking for new restaurants or shops? TikTok’s gotchu. What about your brick-and-mortar business? A great way to pull in more business.

The launch of a Nearby feed might mean TikTok is catching up with Snapchat’s Snap Map and Instagram’s recently launched searchable map.


Instagram is Trying Too Hard

Just when Instagram was hoping reels would be the next big thing, a stat was revealed stating reels only make up 22% of the platform’s overall content. Instagram has done everything to have Reels trending, and that includes giving monetary incentives to creators to help get better views. Remember Bonus plays?

Adam Mosseri is very serious about Instagram no longer being just a photo-sharing app.

I don’t think this stat will incentivize him to give more reach to image or carousel posts, but it is interesting to note how much reach reels receive for likes and comments compared to other types of content.

The Instagram Warning That Scared People

If you happened to use Instagram more than once or twice this week, you probably noticed the Instagram location warnings going around.

The images going around warned people to go into their IOS settings and turn off precise location, claiming that stalkers and other criminals could now see your exact location at all times.

The fear went viral, and Instagram attempted to de-escalate by posting a PSA sharing that they don’t actually share your location others.

I don’t think it was enough justification to keep people happy…so if you’re worried about it as well, go into your IOS settings > Instagram > toggl off precise location.


Twitter To Test Out Podcasting

Is Twitter turning itself into a podcasting app? The company announced an update to its Twitter Spaces tab that would see it integrating podcasts into a revamped experience where content is now organized into hubs called “Stations.”

These Stations group content by topics — like news, sports, music and more. The app will also make recommendations based on who you follow. Which could be useful to podcasters, and help them reach more people. Twitter Spaces will still exist, though! Apparently 2 million podcasts will be available at launch.

Which is a notable out-of-the-gate start…as Spotify only has 4 million podcasts at the moment. Twitter has recently stated they want to be “the home for audio conversations.” Maybe it’ll be your next favorite podcast player…even though it doesn’t have the capability to offer offline listening, download capability, or exclusive partnerships.


tools we love

Cringe Worthy Linkedin Posts Anyone?

After analyzing 100,000+ viral posts on Linkedin, this AI can now write a cringeworthy post — based on YOUR boring life.”

A claim from the website itself…and they weren’t wrong. You can dial up the #cringelevel as high or as low as you wish.

Ok Post Generator. You didn’t have to be so aggressive.

Try it out! Maybe your Linkedin post will get a couple more likes than usual…or maybe you’ll just scare people into unfollowing you.


Will be the New DALL-E?

Will our personal favorite AI sidekick, Jasper, be a good alternative to Dall-e? Apparently the former text suggestion-only app can now help you create unique images and stunning art in seconds.

Maybe there is a use-case seeing as Jasper already help you write better…perhaps the app could help you write a better sentence to give to the tool so it can spit out a better image.

Jasper just started rolling the feature out to those on the waitlist, maybe it’s a copycat move…maybe it’s really smart. From the images I’ve seen surfacing, the tool looks pretty ‘smart’ to me.

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Something to think on…

It’s now illegal for people under 21 in New York to buy whipped cream in an aerosol can. Apparently, kids were inhaling nitrous oxide from the cans…wouldn’t recommend trying this at home.

Who knew? Also, who’s trying this? To each their own, but it sounds plain dangerous.